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Gardevoir Pokedoll Sculpture up for auction! Also an amada collection update!!

Hi everyone! I'm getting ready for a big move so I've been slowly weeding off some stuff.
Just a quick post today - this is a listing for custom made Gardevoir pokedoll sculpture by me. :D

She's about 2"-2.5" in height, and entirely made of fimo clay! Her eyes are glossed for a finishing touch. :)
Please start her at $35!

Rules & Info!

This auction will end on Monday, May 27th at 12pm PST!
Standard no sniping community rules apply.
Please bid in increments of $1 and make sure to reply to the last person who placed a bid!
Shipping is $8 to the US and $10 anywhere else.

Next up we have an amada update! After my huge amada sales, I had a few people asking me about my personal collection, so I thought I'd share. :)

These stickers are why I still get super excited about collecting a line that I've collected for nearly 4 years, and own most merchandise of. It's hard for me to find something I don't already have, but with amadas it seems like new poses and versions pop up sporadically from time to time..

I've tried to label them by year (you have to read right to left, derp), and the ones that don't have years displayed are just at the end somewhere.
I haven't actually showed all of mine off in a while, so here goes:


The one on the top left is a holo mirror (not black like it shows up in the scan!), and the second one on the bottom row is actually transparent. It seems like they've only released these for some of the 151, but not all - I am lucky to have one of my favourite Pokemon as this type of sticker!
The Sugimori pose one (third, bottom row) is pretty rare, and I'm not even sure if it's an amada, but it's the exact same size as all the others so I've grouped them together.

Note the black Ensky amada (pretty sure this is the newest release!) - I purchased 30 packs of these stickers at the PC hoping to finally get a Slowbro, and I opened "last pack I was going to buy before I went broke" at Gin's house with happyjolteon - both of them saw how excited I was when I pulled him, minty fresh, out of the pack! There was some orange juice on the table which I was totally paranoid about spilling, so I actually kept the stack of amadas that I just opened (including Slowbro!) in my pocket for the time being. About 30 seconds later, one of the ferrets tried to drink the juice out of my cup, but instead knocked the juice everywhere, which would have drenched all of my stickers had I not moved them. So, so much relief. Thankfully, Slowbro safe, carpet and table were cleaned, but ferret became sticky. 8D

Some unique versions exist for Slowbro too! There's the silver plated sitting Slowbro, and gold plated sitting Sugimori pose Slowbro second on the top row. I love the different textures of the holos - I've seen so many different types of holos, they are so creative with how they pull these off!
The art for the attack Slowbro (top left) I've seen before on various other things like bottlecaps, but it's still quite unique. The one that I haven't seen before though, is Slowbro turned around. I think the most recent Slowpoke amada addition I'm waiting on is the match to this one! It wouldn't surprise me if they were part of the same series.

Next, the 'kings!

The two holos on the left are definitely special poses as I haven't seen them on any other Slowking merchandise before! Any guesses as to which moves he's using?
The holo silver/red sticker on the bottom left is out of an old coro coro! It also included Ho-Oh on the same sheet, and if you cut the stickers out they were the exact same size as any other amada/pan sticker. The rest? Standard cute jumpy pose, and sad sad pose. That pose always reminds me that Slowking could use some pants.

Now let's move onto Miltank! I'm not sure how many of you guys know that I collect her, but I don't normally have new things to show off because of the lack of merchandise for this poor baby cow. She's always been my #1 though, way back to the days of G/S.

The most recent one I got is the black Ensky amada on the top left! I'm a big fan of how they are 3D looking, and all feature new art.
The one on the top right is a gorgeous holo (and possibly Miltank's only one?) of her using heal bell. I can't get enough of all the different poses on these precious stickers, especially the ones that are very obviously not stock art. <3
The sticker on the bottom right is not in tip top shape, so if anyone has one in better condition, please let me know. :D

Aaand that's it for now! I have yet one more Slowpoke amada joining the collection soon that I just discovered in the last week which I am looking forward to. ^_^

Have pictures of your own amada collections? Slowpoke line or Miltank stickers that I don't know about? I would love to see the various poses and holos for the pokes that you adore, so post 'em here!
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