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Exciting Auctions Reminder - less than 24 hours left! :):):)

(edit- fixed cut)


Hi everyone! just a friendly reminder that my auctions will be ending in less than 24 hours- with most things still at starting bids! Come take a look at some unique stuff you don't see here often, like Pokemon151 t-shirts for Articuno, Hypno, and Cubone, a breathtakingly beautiful cloth Rapidash poster, a Mewtwo poster, rare Pokemon manga, the elusive Applause Zapdos plush, zukan pieces for Shroomish/Breloom/Kecleon, and BK plush for Aerodactyl and Zapdos. Because of the grail-like nature of some of the items in this auction, I am open to payment plan proposals from community members in good standing. Please PM me if you want to request this. I understand that everyone blew their budget out on Sunyshore for the June 1st Pokecenter promotions! XD And if you have something in my Wants, you may be able to offset part of the auction cost through a partial trade as well. :) Anyway, link to auction is here:

And to give you guys an idea of how cool these manga are here are some sample pages: (some of the Japanese translated for your benefit)

Jynx is sad that she can't lose enough weight to look good dancing LOL


Bellsprout's flower patch withers, and a trio of Farfetch'd come try to cheer him up by planting their leek sticks all over the patch.

Psyduck gets a headache and uses Confusion on everyone in the forest, a mob then goes after him...

Full color manga of Movies 7 and 8! super cool- if no one bids on this I'll probably keep it for myself; Bidding starts at just $5, less than what I paid to get it! I'm practically giving it away! XD

Page from the rare Entei movie manga that came with Corocoro, apparently very rare...

Lots of different Pokemon in these mangas- everything from Oddish to Squirtle to Growlithe to Eevee! And the signature feature of this manga is that one a point in each chapter, the art is the same as one of Kagemaru Himeno's art for the TCG!

And don't forget about the rare Applause Zapdos or the beautiful posters! I also have other super-duper cool posters in my sales page here:

Remember- feel free to offer trades or whatever! :)
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