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Frogs, Crocs, Puppies and PARTY

Hello pkmncollectors! ^^

Today I'm here to show you my latest gets and my main collections together. Oh! what do we have here?  :O
DSC_0021_edit_gnne copia


POLITOED JAKKS!!!!!!!! I don't have words to say how much I love blu_berri_444 for this I mean WOW ;U; Really it's like BNXDLKBHSDKLFBHLSKHB on my mind, all that I think about it... sorry... I can't say it on words... ♥♥♥
This plush it's a grail for me *¬* And it came with the perfect tag <3 Moreover, you can see the drawing I received on the other side of the tag <3 REALLY THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ;u;
This is my little Politoed collection >.< I want to collect other figures and plush but it's hard to see anything!
Ah! It's also coming the Poliwag zukan that I bought to eledora THANKS <3



POOCHYENA! I don't know why but lately I'm loving VERY MUCH Poochyena, I mean, I loved it before but more and more everyday >.< I want to get every figure and plush of this little boy (I need the zukan ;A;). I bought the little suction cup on ebay (they sent me a card -that you can see on this post with the other flats) and the megablocks are from lady_supergirl THANKS ;u; I love that little poochy ♥

My new crocodile collection <3 I really want this MPCS and the kids and I finally got them! *¬* They are too badass to my body xD
Sandile and Krookodile kids are from abbeymew , the attack krookodile is from poliwhirl , my awesome Krookodile MPC is from eevee_trainer and finally Sandile and Krokorok MPCs are from yahoo!Japan. I already had the others :3 Now I'm waiting to have some money and get the Krookodile Waza Museum and I think I could be happy by now *cof* Pokemon should do a fucking zukan of them *cof*

Ah! And I think that the Sandile UFO and Drilbur UFO of the GA have came but I need to go to the Post Office to be sure of that :O
You can see where are the crocs on my collection, poor Poochy xD


My Vulpix-Ninetales collection... My favorite pokemon is Ninetales but it's almost nothing of his so I collect Vulpix too (because it's so CUTE *¬*  ). The Vulpix with the egg arrived a few weeks ago and it's really awesome made *¬* (orgh, now I'll want a Vulpix canvas but it's too expensive D:). And the little figures of Ninetales :) I have too the new Ninetales kid with the tails painted but it's coming xD


And some new random gets <3 The Ducklett pokedoll came with Krookodile of eevee_trainer (I really love his face with the big eyes :O). Jellicent MPC came with Sandile and Krokorok MPCs (that was an awesome lot, my boyfriend took Swadloon and Whimsicott for him <3). And Empoleon UFO that was really cheap on Yahoo!Japan. I LOVE IT <3 It's soo~ cute *¬*


THEY ARRIVED! SORCERY! Oh, Ampharos and Bidoof zukans from fizzycat . She was so nice with me with this... (packages that didn't arrived and stuff like that D:). THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!


And finally some oldies that I got this days... Well, I searched my old pogs collections to the sales post and I took some of them. (It's easy to see my favorite pokemons here XD). My favorites are Quilava and Politoed big pogs and the Ninetales attack. Wow. They were really well made <3 Plus, the only card that I have that was a gift with the Poochyena suction cup :3

And this! Is that a Mirage Pikachu? I don't know :V I mean it's really old and it hasn't got any tag so I don't know anything about it, I can't remember anything... I think it was a gift for Christmas or something... and the electronic Pikachu that says his name :3 (It's like the Psyduck that I'm auctioning)

Other day my boyfriend will show his collections and gets or something I don't know (he is lazy :V). This weeks he has got Lilligant MPC, kids and some stuff... (And he's really nervous about the Heracross UFO that should arrived of the GA that we made :3).

And that was all!

Moreover I still have lots of stuff on my Sales Post with some Kyun Charas, plushies, kids, thousands of pogs, magnets... Well, everything, you can look it if you are interested ;)
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