Okapifeathers (okapifeathers) wrote in pkmncollectors,

some sales and offers on some cool stuff!

gotta sell some extra junk i have lying around! come buy my things


quick rules:

i ship from canada. shipping starts at $2 for flats and $7 for non-flats

haggling is fine

be very clear if you are only asking for a quote!

no holds this time


heatran $9
zapdos $7
entei $10
raikou $10
skyla $35

all are regular holo

hydreigon $5
garbodor $1
electrode $1
umbreon $2
cofagrigus $1
zekrom $1
kingdra $1
dragonite $1

holo hydreigon $1
rev holo jolteon/leafeon $0.50 each

jakks zubat, gastrodon and piplup $3 each
pokemon center snivy $15

kids with boxes $3 each
mip chansey tomy $5

empty tcg tins
no idea, just offer. shipping should still be $7 for one, might go up for 2.

misc figures $1 each

play pokemon prize darkrai binder $20


play pokemon prize scrafty tcg playmat $25


grass and bug arceus tomy figures, offers start at $10 each

mip wailord tomy figure, offers start at $10

thanks everybody :U

sales permission given in 2009 by denkimouse

(about to go out so i might be a bit replying. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POSTS TO ADD MORE ITEMS, MAKE A NEW COMMENT WITH A NEW TIMESTAMP)
Tags: arceus, cards, sales, wailord
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