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Lots of price reductions on sales items

I've reduced a lot of prices and added a few things again such as:

*Rules and Sales info*

~When sending a payment, please write your username and what you are buying in the paypal note!

~I automatically hold things for up to 24 hours after I've replied to your comment, unless you ask for more time. If another person has asked for the same item, and you don't respond within those 24 hours, I will let them have it.
~If you ask for me to hold something for you for more than 48 hours, then you HAVE TO BUY IT. If you do not, I will leave you negative feedback.
~You can always ask for a quote. There are no consequences if you ask for a quote and then decide not to buy.
~If you decide you don't want an item after I've given you a quote, PLEASE TELL ME so that I can let the next person in line have it.
~If you back out of a sale that you are COMMITTED to, then I will leave you negative feedback.

~I ship from the United States, in the Central Time Zone (UTC-5).
~All things here are in USD, and the prices do not include shipping or paypal fees.
~The starting shipping price for domestic shipping is $2. For international, the starting shipping price is $6.55.
~I'm NOT responsible for lost, damaged, and/or stolen packages in the mail. Please purchase insurance/tracking if you are afraid of these things.

~I was granted sales permission on 22 April 2012 by entirelycliched
~My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/poke_zula/

~MIP = mint condition in package
~MWT = mint condition with tags
~OBO = "or best offer"; you may offer a lower price for this item if the price seems too high

If you are unable to leave a comment here for any reason, please PM me. =) ...I know that LJ glitches up sometimes.


I tried to make this list "control + f" friendly (EXCEPT WITH CARDS), but, please keep in mind, there might be typos!
Also, feel free to ask for more pictures of things.

TOMY recall Charizard plush, mint condition and has attached drawstring bag, but no hang tag -- $95

Gotta Burn 'em all t-shirt unisex size Medium -- $20
It's pretty much brand-new; I just bought it last week or so from online. The only time it was "used" was when I tried it on, discovered it was a little too big, and then immediately took it off.
I'm using this picture because I find shirts hard to photograph for some reason.

MIP Towel with Pikachu, Piplup, Pichu, Turtwig, and Chimchar -- $4

Cyndaquil Hasbro beanie plush -- $17 OBO
Chimchar US pokedoll. No hang tag, but in pretty much perfect condition -- $12

2010 Pikachu Canvas plush -- $35 (plush is mint, no hang tag) SOLD
MWT Drilbur Jakks plush -- $10 OBO

Fuzzy Lucario Banpresto plush -- $15 OBO
TOMY Marill plush -- $10 SOLD
Japanese Bisharp Pokedoll -- $20 (the plush is mint; the attached hang tag has an nick in it, as pictured below)

Bisharp's tag damage:

Mint condition Vaporeon Canvas -- $220 $200
Hang tag is curved

MWT Espeon Canvas -- $155 $135 OBO

Talking Snivy keychain plush, unopened in box -- $20 $15
Talking Tepig keychain plush, unopened in box -- $20 $15
Talking Oshawott keychain plush, unopened in box -- $20 $15

MWT Jirachi Banpresto plush -- $25
MWT Altaria Banpresto plush -- $90


Each tiny marble is $.80
Igglybuff SOLD
Raikou SOLD

Swellow hitting Seedot paper -- $.10 SOLD
Crawdaunt sticker -- $.50
Pikachu pog in top right corner -- $.10
Hitmonlee pog -- $.10
Pikachu with eyes closed pog -- $.10
Primape pog -- $.10
Butterfree pog -- $.10
Pikachu standing up pog -- $.10
Hitmonchan pog -- $.10
Mankey pog -- $.10

Custom Piplup keychain -- $1 $.50
Custom Oshawott keychain -- $1 OBO SOLD
Custom Tepig keychian -- $1 $.50

MIP Registeel kid figure -- $4 OBO
MIP Snubbull TOMY figure -- $5
MIP Dialga TOMY figure -- $4 OBO
(these can be taken out of their boxes to reduce shipping a little)

Vaporeon TOMY figure -- $4 SOLD
Charmeleon TOMY figure -- $3

MIP Pachirisu figure -- $.50

Hitmonchan charm -- $4
Tentacruel charm -- $4 SOLD
MIP Thundurus charm -- $5 SOLD
MIP Therian forme Landorus charm -- $5 SOLD

MIP Poochyena and Mightyena charm set -- $15 SOLD
Machop Swing Keychain -- $3
Poliwhirl swing keychain -- $1
Poliwag swing keychain -- $3
Muk swing keychain -- $5 OBO
Elekid double-sided metal charm -- $2
Ledyba double-sided metal charm -- $1

MIP Jakks Munna figure -- $2
(can be taken out of the box to reduce shipping)

Most of the following TOMYs are in used condition:

Abra TOMY figure -- $5 OBO
Slaking TOMY figure -- $5 OBO (Its upper arm is glued on. Came like that when I got it. =( )
Breloom TOMY figure -- $15 SOLD
Poocheyna TOMY figure -- $12 SOLD
Haunter TOMY figure -- $17 SOLD
Cubone TOMY figure -- $2 (no bone)

Shaymin Land forme TOMY figure -- $3 SOLD
Sunbbull TOMY figure -- $3
Probopass TOMY figure -- $3
Poliwhirl TOMY figure -- $2
Rhyperior TOMY figure -- $3

Pikachu Bandai figure -- $2
Raikou TOMY figure -- $3 SOLD
New Articuno TOMY figure -- $3
Gligar TOMY figure -- $5

DX Tepig plush -- $15

Terrakion Pokemon Center plush -- $40
Minun TOMY plush -- $14 OBO
Terrakion's back left leg's ring is unattached. Was like that when I got it. =(

Espeon Bandai Chou get figure -- $30 OBO
Umbreon Bandai Chou get figure -- $30 OBO
Eevee Bandai Chou get figure -- $20

Chikorita Bandai Chou get figure -- $5
Ho-oh Bandai Chou get figure -- $3
Totodile Bandai Chou get figure -- $6
Torkoal Bandai figure -- $6 (I think this is a Chou get, but I'm not sure)

Inflatable Pluse, Minun, and Pikachu cushion -- $3
It is a about 16" by 16" when flattened. I have a few of these; they are all unopened in their original packaging, and this one was only just now opened to show you what it looks like. It has never been blow up before.
This is the back of it:

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew pamphlet -- $1.50
It is unopened.  The picture shows the front of it (on the left) and the back of it (of the right).

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew clearfile (left) -- $5 OBO
Pikachu and Munchlax clearfile (right) -- $2 SOLD

HUGE Pokemon poster from Japanese 7/11s -- $3
Yours will be unopened in the package. This poster has all Pokemon and all the Pokemon from Bulbasaur to Darkrai, and it has each Pokemon's name written underneath it in Japanese. The post measures about 33" by 23.5".
I have a few of these.
This is what it looks like on the back:

Japanese Mcdonald's poster -- $2

Japanese McDonald's Pokemon movie poster -- $4

Darumaka standing UFO plush MWT -- $5 SOLD
Darumaka sitting UFO plush MWT -- $5 SOLD
Pokemon Center Darumaka plush MWT -- $30 $25

Cubchoo pokedoll plush MWT -- $25 OBO
Minccino pokedoll plush MWT -- $35

Axew UFO plush MWT -- $6
Tranquill UFO plush MWT -- $20

MWT Black Kyurem TOMY plush -- $55 OBO
MWT Munna UFO plush -- $15 OBO

MWT Umbreon I love Eevee 6" UFO plush -- $26
MWT Vaporeon I love Eevee 6" UFO plush -- $27
MWT Espeon I love Eevee 6" UFO plush -- $25
MWT Eevee I love Eevee 6" UFO plush -- $22 SOLD

MWT Leafeon I love Eevee 6" UFO plush -- $25
MWT Glaceon I love Eevee 6" UFO plush -- $25

MWT female Jellicent MPC -- $7 SOLD
MWT Top Insight Chikorita keychain plush -- $15
MWT Top Insight Totodile keychain plush -- $17 SOLD
MWT Top Insight Cyndaquil keychain plush -- $17 SOLD

Pikachu Ippai figures. These are mint, and they come in their original plastic wrap with their little paper slips. These do not come in capsules.
All are $6 each, or best offer:
Ash's hat Pikachu
Heart eyes Pikachu
Looking Pikachu
Sleeping Pikachu
Pecha Berry Pikachu
Grumpy sitting Pikachu
^If you'd like pictures of the actual Pikachu Ippai figures I have in hand, please let me know. I was just too lazy to take them out of their plastic wrap for photos.

Landurus Therian Chupa -- $15 $10
Flareon Chupa --$15 SOLD

MWT Cyndaquil Mascot plush -- $40
MWT Bayleef Mascot plush -- $40 SOLD
MWT Pichu Mascot plush -- $10
MWT Pikachu Mascot plush -- $8 $5 OBO (I have no idea what to price this guy >_>')

MIP Keychains! -- $0.50 each

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