Another Ravaged Storyteller (netbug009) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Another Ravaged Storyteller

Moving Auction! :O

Hi everyone! Long time no see! :D I'm moving next month and the less boxes full of sales stuff I have to take with me, the better, so I'm going to be having several auctions as I sort through my things! This one has a bunch of hard to find Jakks plushies including Igglybuff, Celebi, Jirachi, Togepi, and more! Booster packs, tins, postcards, figurines, and more at "Get these out of my way" prices! :D

Sales approved by denkimouse or another mod whose name escapes me like, 3 years ago. I'm sorry, I honestly can't even remember when anymore. ^^;

Ships from Oregon, USA
Ships Domestic & International
Prices do not include shipping/fees unless otherwise stated.
Will hold for 48 hours. If you need to hold longer and have a good reason, feel free to inquire.
All Sales Final
Haggling is welcome!
Feel free to ask for more information on the condition of any item; I'd rather answer questions now than have a sad panda of a customer later.

Prices in USD
Paypal, Money Order, and Concealed Cash accepted.
I must receive payment before I send you your item; I'm not responsible if you choose the money order/concealed cash route and it gets lost in the mail

Please inquire about shipping with your zip code (or country if outside the USA)
I ship once a week at least.
I'm not responsible for items that are uninsured and get lost in the mail.

Merch comes from a smoke free home! I'm horribly addicted to tea, though.
 We do have a dog, but she stays out of my room, where I keep my sales items. So there shouldn't be any essence-of-woof on this stuff.

Wait for the comments to go up before bidding!
Auctions will go until June 20th 11:59am PST!
In the event of last minute bids, auctions will be extended to two hours after the last bid is placed.


Jakks Plushies! All of them have their tags. No creases but a few curves.

Igglybuff (2 available), Munna, Teddyursa, Togepi (2 available), Cherubi, Jirachi with a broken thread , Tepig, Murkrow, Celebi


A variety of little things/flats!

SEALED Team Rocket booster packs
SEALED Legendary Dogs POP Card Sleeves
LIKE NEW SECRET RARE Pixel Hilbert tin with original foil/candy! Opened to see if it was one I wanted and then put back into the bag.
RARE MINT Pokemon Postcards! I bought several of them but only wanted the Mankey bridge.
Daytime - Scan
Sunset - Scan
Nighttime - Scan
Cave - Scan


SEALED Jakks Drifbloom Figurine


Pokemon TCG Platonim Arceus Poster! The other side has a card list. Never been used!

IMG_1411IMG_1410 IMG_1409

Used posters! None of these have folds, so if you ask for a shipping quote please let me know if you mind them being folded or want them rolled up.

July 13 AuctionsIMG_1416

Freebies! Take any of these you like along with your auction win.

Tags: auction, cards, celebi, cherubi, drifloon, igglybuff, jakks, jirachi, munna, murkrow, plush, teddiursa, tepig, togepi
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