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My mom came across a bunch of Burger King toys from back in the days of the first movie.
All have pokeballs except for the hitmonlees
Launchers: nidoran $3, venusaur x2 $6, rapidash $6
Keychains: hitmonlee x2 $5, dragonite $7, nidorino $4
Plush: togepi $4
Light-up (they work except for gengar): mew x2 $6, charmander $6, genger $3
Tops: venonat $3, jigglypuff $3, tangela $3
Squirters: blastoise, seadra $2, squirtle $5, poliwrath $3, psyduck $3, poliwag $3
They can be combined with my normal sales.
Also, a quick question. I have an oddish plushplush and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in bidding on it if I put it up for auction.

Is summer a bad time? Thanks :)
Tags: charmander, gengar, hitmonlee, jigglypuff, mew, nidoran, nidorino, oddish, poliwag, poliwrath, psyduck, rapidash, sales, seadra, squirtle, tangela, togepi, venonat, venusaur
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