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Dreamy Eevee Sales!

I bring to you some quick little sales of some stuff. Mainly Eeveelu things. :3 I just came back from Japan and decided some of these items weren't for me, I also realized I don't have as much room as I thought I did in the second bedroom of the condo for these things. D: Sad day! So I pass them on to you! Click below for the sales!

Welcome to my sales!
I was granted sales perm. last august from allinia
My feedback is here -
All community rules apply to my sales
I will NOT sell to banned or partially banned members
Paypal only please!
If you would like more/better pictures, please don't hesitate to ask! :)
I am open to haggling within REASON.

I ship from CANADA!!!!!
I ship all over the world. :)
Shipping for flats starts at $3, non-flats STARTS at $9.50 to the USA. Always ask for a quote if you aren't sure about price.
I ship in bubble mailers. For the chopsticks I would suggest insurance/tracking. I will send them in a bubble mailer in cardboard but cannot guarantee they don't break from rough handling. I cannot control this. Ask about a box option if this bothers you.
I'm just as upset about the high shipping as you, so please refrain from bringing it up. I cannot help it. I am only charging $1 on top of the actual mail cost, usually less than that. And that's to pay for the bubble mailer and any extras needed to keep your items safe such as cardboard, bubble wrap, tape etc.

On to the sales!

First up is this adorable little Eevee pouch! It has a sectioned off compartment inside as you can see in the below pictures. It can fit a lot or stuff in it actually! I think it would be perfect as a DS holder with games and other accessories. It feels very well made and the pattern is to die for! It feels semi-waterproof, so it would be safe for your DS.

Up next is a tin. Not just any tin, but the adorable Eeveelution tin featuring all 9 of the gang! This tin comes WITH all of the cookies. The tin is still sealed.

This Eevee mug is adorable!The cup area itself is a good size for a cup of tea or coffee. The handle is just so cute. ; w;

I picked up this cloth in Osaka! It's super cute. Never opened!

La Maison de Eievui scrunchie! It's pretty rare, and really beautiful! The pattern on the fabric is adorable, and the metal charm hanging is just gorgeous! It's brand new in package.

Eevee dot sprite headphone jack keychain attachment! Use this to keep all your Eeveelus together in one place. :) I think it's a good idea. Or put your favourite team on here! Brand new never opened.

Hashi! Look at how cute they are! One Vaporeon set for sale, and one set with the three main eeveelus with Eevee for sale. They are adorable. ; u; I will pack them with good cardboard in a bubble mailer. I would recommend insurance for these guys.
Both SOLD!

DX Eevee plush! A little smaller than the DX HQ version. It's really soft and awesome quality though! It's brand new! I bought this myself in Akiharaba.

Takara Tomy Ninfia! Just look at her. Look at her! She's adorable! I bought her on the 1st during the Party release madness at Osaka PC!

Shiny BEAMS Pikachu keychain plush! He's so sweet. ; u; Look at the pattern on his fabric! Super cute. I bought him as well at the PC. Tag is minty!

Next up is Charizard! He's MWT and ready for a new home! His little wings are just so freaking awesome. XD

This Marine tin is cool. So many Pokemon on it! I opened it so I could look at the cookies, so I showed you too! Other than that it's mint and you get the cookies with the tin! All of them. I didn't eat any, really! None are opened, torn etc.

N Dot Sprite Note pad! It's cute and ready for your little notes! The package part has a tear on the flap for shutting. Not that you need that if you use the notepad as, well a notepad. :)

Last but not least,a few little charms!
Snivy is SOLD
Zen Darumakka is SOLD
Pokemon Time Wailord is $12

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