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Ok! I've decided to put a couple of things up for auction!

Oddish Plush Plush and Shiny Wailord Kid

Auction will end July 8th at 5 PM Pacific Time

Any bid done within the last 5 minutes will extend the auction another 5 minutes until the bidding stops
Shipping is not included
Tracking is mandatory for US shipments ($.90) and certificate of delivery for international ($1.95), if you want something like insurance, let me know
Please be  prepared to pay, I may accept payment plans for oddish (no more than 1 month), talk to me before you bid
Right click to view the bigger pictures

Oddish Plush Plush 2001
Made of a velvety type of cloth, no stains or tears in fabric, tush tag only
Starts @ $226

Shiny wailord kid
starts @ $45

Also weeded out more plush and a few figures from my collections
Tags: auction, oddish, plush, wailord
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