furanshisuk0 (furanshisuk0) wrote in pkmncollectors,

TOMY collection update & more! - Electrode, Gastly, Cloyster, Ditto, Magmar, Zubat+

Hey community! Today I finally got a parcel from Noppin that I was really looking forward to! I was finally able to purchase these rare tomy figures! I'm really close to complete the first 151 Pokemon!!

And here's my collection of Pokemon games + Consoles which I haven't shared before!

Right now I'm only missing Golbat and Voltorb from Gen 1, so please if you are selling them or something please let me know!!

Thank you~~
Tags: cloyster, ditto, electrode, games, gastly, golbat, magmar, tomy, voltorb, zubat
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