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Hi guys! I've decided to let go of a few more of my ENSKY Retsuden Stamps. These are all DP and even AG era, and most of them haven't surfaced since they were blindboxed. If you want some rare and unique merch of your favorite Pokes, now could be your chance!

I know babysitting auctions can be annoying, so these items only have TWO DAYS on them--if you want something, I'd just place your bids now.

Auctions end 6:00 PM EST on July 10th (2 days)

Infernape - Starts @ $5
Giratina - Starts @ $5

Hitmontop - Starts @ $5

Darkrai - Starts @ $5
Dialga - Starts @ $5

Shiftry & Nuzleaf PAIR - Starts @ $20

Very rare AG Stamps!

Yanmega - Starts @ $5

Castform - Starts @ $10

★ Spoink & Grumpig PAIR

Very rare on their own, much less as a pair! I don't think Grumpig has ever surfaced and definitely not with its pre-evo.
Starts @ $25
Tags: castform, giratina, grumpig, hitmontop, infernape, nuzleaf, shiftry, spoink, stamps, yanmega
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