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Chaos_21's auctions

Due to the impending Eeveelution lottery and goods I need to make some sales to help my poor wallet recover.

Included in the auction is the rare Tomy Haunter figure, Beautiful Houdour metal pin, cute poke dolls cloth, & more! ^^

Auctions underneath the image ;D



Sales permission granted on 8/8/2012 by allinia
I ship from Canada & ship worldwide but shipping might be high depending on where I'm shipping to so please do not bid if this bothers you since I have no control over shipping rates.
Shipping w/fees will be around $8+ for the small plush & $15+ for the bigger ones but I will get a more accurate quote from the post office.
I accept paypal only
Payment must be made within 48 hrs unless you contact me beforehand I can give you a couple extra days ;)
I am not responsible for lost/damaged items so if you want insurance please ask although it will be expensive in Canada

Cheers & Happy Bidding!! ^^

Auction will end on Friday July 19th 1pm EST time


Jolteon FCS Attack figure starts @ 14

Houndour metal pin starts @ 20


Pokemon cloth on left starts @ 5
Pokedolls cloth on right starts @ 23

*Articuno kid is not for sale/size reference only ^^*


Haunter Tomy & evos lot starts @ 24
*note shipping might be a bit high on the lot esp due to the metal figures being quite heavy*


Shinx line lot starts @ 18


Tags: gardevoir, gastly, gengar, haunter, houndour, jolteon, luxio, luxray, pokedolls, shinx
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