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Plushie Galore and Meet Noivern!

Hey everyone! ♥

Today I have tons of new plushes that arrived at my front door this week! One contains three years in waiting plush from the lovely usakochan and the other from my bff, cwinget!

*enter sound of Heaven's gate opening*

Oh hello! I see someone wants to get out of this box pronto!

and having difficulty getting out of it too.

There ya go!
Heatran, baby, it looks like a A New Challenger Approaches!

Maybe not. ANYWAY, Heatran is a big boy! He even comes with a detachable saddle that I wanted added from the movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life! ♥

Did I mention Heatran has the cutest dino butt???

HAHA! Oh man this picture. It looks like Gyarados had a rough ride~

What awesome detail! ♥

Look at that tail fin!

This guy face plants but I'm sure I can figure out a way for him to work in my collection! What a wonderful addition!


AAAAAAAH!!! LOOK AT THAT BABY FACE!!!!! ♥ He reminds me of something from Flap Jack for sure! He can stand up on his own but has a hard time on a blanket. :3

His back! Such wonderful detail!

Who is this spiky butt?


It's a Haunter! Look how happy you are! ♥

And that spiky butt of his again! I love Pokemon butts!!

Here is the little Noivern pokedoll that I commissioned from cwinget! This is a professional picture of him so let's see what he's like once he's in his new home! ♥

Here he is! He has rhinoplasty before coming home to me because I found his nostril to be a little crooked. Surgery went very well!
At first he was very shy when I took this picture of him on the window sill but when he saw what was nearby, all hell broke loose.

First, he needed to try on my Batman beanie.

Then he needed to squeeze his little butt in this Batman pail.

Since he was tearing my Batman collection apart, we made a compromise. He could play with one of my Batman figures if he promised not to crash the Batmobile...

I don't dust because I live in a basement apartment and it would be a losing battle to keep up with it. Since he fiddled with all my Batman stuff, he ended up needing to blow his nose.

A batty friend decided to come and welcome Noivern!

I turned around for a second only to come out of the kitchen seeing Noivern in my strawberry Hi-chew! Noiverns love fruit they say....

I decided that Noivern needed to preoccupy his mind with something so I suggested he find something to read. He appeared to like this section of my bookcase.

Then he got distracted again and found one of my many card binders. No, Noivern, you are not in there yet!

He finally found a book he was interested in.

After finding all the Pokemon under the Bedtime in Pallet Town page, Noivern decided it was time for bedtime himself. I tucked him in under the Eevee blanket with mini Pikachu pokedoll plush to keep him company.

Some things about Noivern:
- Noivern needs a name!
This Noivern is my first oh hopefully many Noivern plushes but since he's my first, he is very special to me! He is looking for a unique, name that is easy to pronounce and remember.

Noivern's name is Wayne!
- Noivern would like some Penpals!
Noivern hasn't been in this world for very long and would like to make some new friends. If one of your plushes would like to become friends with Noivern, he is looking for 5 buddies, and would like to at least have one that is international! If you and your plush are interested, he will accept the first three who show interest! After getting to know his penpals, Noivern might start sending special gifts like candy or stickers in his letters! (I hope this is alright, I will remove if not! ♥)

All full, thank you!
- Noivern is coming to Otakon with me this year!
If you're going there too, he would love to meet you! (I am sure there will be an Otakon PKMN meet post at some point soon)

In other news, I am on my way to completely redoing my PKMN guest bedroom.
Here are some preview pics!
*Note: My future Noivern collection will be shelved above the bed or computer! The majestic deer might be over the bed.
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