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Recent gets & some ID help

Hello everyone!  I recently came back from house sitting for two weeks and arrived to a whole bunch of packages; it was almost like Christmas came early!!  Most of the packages were filled with bits & bobs for my main collections but I also got a big box filled with kids and other figures, along with some stuff I'm not sure I recognize.  And that's where I'll be needing your help!

Warning, lots of images ahead~

First up, here's a bunch of stuff I got from various members of the community!  Thank you to everyone who helped me get these items!

The regular-sized Jolteon from the I <3 Eevee promotion gets me up to speed on the recent Jolty plush releases (minus the new sitting plush, which I of course don't have in-hand yet), and I'm super excited to get this adorable Murkrow plush!  Poor thing looks so sad in this photo...

This completes my fossil zukan collection (until they release Archen and Tirtouga line ones, that is!), although I think I'd still like to get the Japanese Shieldon line.  The Lileep and Cradily one was the most exciting one I got since I've been after it for what feels like forever and I always love getting new crinoids!  The Purrloin/Liepard zukan inches me closer and closer to completing my collection of these two kitties.

New fossil friends!  For all that Jakks made derpy plushes, I always thought their figures were very nice and I'm really happy to have Omanyte!  In general I'm super pleased with all these guys

Finally we have the new felines, and Ivysaur and Corsola snuck in too... I've always been hesitant to collect the Shinx line since it's always seemed to me that they're fairly popular but merch is few and far between, but I really can't say no to at least getting some things of these lions <3

I got a few lots from a seller on Ebay, mostly for a few things in each.  I'll be keeping some of these things but a majority will be up for sale tomorrow night once I've had a chance to add a bunch of new things to my sales.

All the Gen 1 stuff!  I'll probably keep the Bulba MC to hang out with my Ivysaur and I'm debating keeping that belly flop Mew because it's just too cute!

Gen 2!  I of course managed to get two Azumarills within days of each other (whoops) so the extra one will be up for sale!

Gen 3 legendaries, except for a Latias who sneaked into another pic.  One of the Regices and one of the Registeels are pearly versions (fancy!)

If I'm being honest, Lileep and Cradily were my main reasons for getting two of the lots, and I'm happy to report that they're some of the best condition figures in the box!

Altaria's crashing a water-type party here!

Bugs everywhere!  And a photo-crashing Seedot hehe

All the other gen 3 buddies!  Poor Absol Tomy has some paint loss so maybe it will have to become a shiny...

Gen 4!  All of these are coincidentally related to Pokemon from earlier gens...

Pretty sure Latios is a bootleg kid (the hole and plastic aren't quite right).  Shelgon and the bigger Salamence I believe are zukan pieces, and Charizard looks like a pencil topper.  Charmeleon may have once been attached to a keychain but I'm not sure...

Eevee, Vaporeon and Kadabra all seem to be ex-keychains.  Blastoise looks like a Tomy but didn't seem 100% right, might just be paint loss that's throwing me off.  Golem and Glalie both have no copyright markings on them.

That's it for gets!  As always, I'm looking for fossils and felines, and mainly things I don't have of Lileep, Cradily, Purrloin or Liepard.
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