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Fresh sales ahoy! ~

Hello all! Today I bring you some quick sales of some neato things! Including the elusive Japanese Reshiram DX Pokedoll, Eeveelu stuff (of course!), and some other goodies y'all might be interested! So come on and take a look! :D

All pkmn collectors rules apply
Committed buyers get the item over quoters
ASK FOR A QUOTE if slightly high shipping bothers you
I was granted sales permission last August from allinia
I won't sell to banned or partially banned members.
Paypay only, no payment plans please.

Shipping notes:
-As stated above, I ship from Canada. Sorry if the cost is too high for you. I cannot help it.
-I have one cat. I clean all items before leaving my place, but cannot guarantee a cat hair or three possible coming with your parcel.
-I am not responsible for any damage to your item from the postal workers. You can buy insurance, you can pay more for tracking. There are these options. If you are worried about your item, please just pay the extra dollars for the safety of your item. That way everyone is happy. :)

Sales! :

Japanese Reshiram MWT. He is in mint condition. Paper tag is still attached. The tag will be carefully wrapped in cardboard prior to packaging.

American Reshiram Pokedoll MWT detached. As you can see, the paper tag is detached and stored safely in a toploader. :) $20

MWT DX Eevee plush. I bought her myself in Tokyo this year. She's minty and ready for her new home! $20

Snuggly MWT Charizard Pokedoll is looking for a new home as well! He's mint and just as he was from the shelf I plucked him from in the Tokyo Pokemon Center this year. SOLD~

This sweet little MWT Eevee keychain plush just wants to hang out somewhere. She's only SOLD~

This MIB Eevee tail mug just wants some warm cocoa to hold for you. :) It's really cute! $23 (Due to the nature of this item, I will ONLY ship it in a box so I can put in some stuffing and make sure it can't really shift during shipment.)

This adorable Flareon mug has a sweet little pattern all around it that looks best in person! MIB! $25 (Due to the nature of this item, I will ONLY ship it in a box so I can put in some stuffing and make sure it can't really shift during shipment.)

Poketime Wailord Strap! MIP! Look at him! Look at his cute freaking face!!! $6

La Maison de Eievui Flareon stamp! I've only stamped it a couple of times to see the cute stamp in action. It's got tons of ink and it ready for your stationary! $6

Ready for some new Chopsticks/Hashi? Here they are! MIP Flareon Hashi I bought myself at the PC this year. SOLD~

Last but not least, the cutest set of charms! $12.50 for the set. I will NOT split.

Thank you all for looking! <3
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