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Summer Gets, Pokedoll Collection Update, and WANTS


Hi! I'm an old member, since like 2010 or so, but I'm very sparse over the internet usually and have some stuff to catch up on! here we goooo

I had the chance to go to Anime Expo again! Where I got to pick up this darling wailord plush. It came with a tag, but it might be bootleg since I see this item all over ebay. Either way though, I really like him! Gonna take him to college with me <3

From right to left!
I got Raichu and Keldeo back in Feb from the Sunnyshore store! My first purchase from there, and I'm so happy that he came in. All plush, minky and so soft! Next is this mini Raichu pokedoll? I'm not so sure what the series is, but looks legit enough, and just as adorable as its older and slightly bigger cousin :) I got him from Animazement in NC! Finally, last is Shinx! For whatever reason, I haven't been able to get my hands on one until now! Snagged it an obscurely titled ebay lot- yay!

And the gang's all here! I got my first pokedolls (Latias, Latios, Altaria, Buizel) during the PKMN 10th anniversary videogame tourny, and from there have collected up until now. They're an American and Japanese assortment, coming from all over, through ebay, Epcot, Pokemon Center NYC, and here of course ! <3

  • Last but not least, I am looking for my first grail! The Pokemon Time Wailord Plush- the really big one! I saw a lot on ebay going for $200, and wanted to know if there were anybody here who had one to sell ;3;

  • Also looking for the Swampert pokedoll- I have not idea what price range he's in though haha

Thanks for dropping by guys!
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