umbreonpretzel (umbreonpretzel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Plush of every Pokemon project

Hello once again to you all. Hope you're having a lovely day.

Some people like to collect certain types, some certain pokemon. I've noticed a lot of people collect pokedolls. But not me.
I've come to you to tell you about my "Plush of every Pokemon" project. As the name suggests, i would like to collect a plush of every Pokemon. Doesn't matter whether it's Jakks, Tomy, Pokemon Center, Hasbro or any others. I've just come to ask a question of you more experienced folk.
Are there any Pokemon you know of that don't have official plush? I was just curious, seeing as a lot of Mon's don't get the love they deserve.

Sorry for this boring post. Thanks for reading to the end, have a cute Growlithe.
Tags: growlithe, plush
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