Tara (slothyshroom) wrote in pkmncollectors,

~Small Sylveon and Emolga Wants~

Aaaaah! New Pokemon! I'm so happy with them and can't wait to see more mega forms. *COUGH* BRELOOM *COUGH* *COUGH*

Anyway, I'm trying to keep up with things as new merch unfolds but now I'm just missing the odds and ends and was wondering if anyone had any of these. Especially, any members from Japan. These are all relatively easy to get but I just haven't found any sites that were selling them. I'm also willing to pay a middleman who can help me with these if it comes to that.


So, I've seen quite a few Sylveon watches out there and I would like to get them all. Feel free to leave me comments with more photos of any others I've missed. I'd very much like to get all the Sylveon movie pan stickers that recently came out. I got the first set of Movie keyring figures but I'm looking for the second set. I'm after all the Vee's pictured. I think they just came out.

If anyone has any other Sylveon items they're willing to sell that aren't located on my collection website please show me!


I'm still after that McDonald's Emolga toy. Any Japan members doing a Mickey D's run or selling it? I reeeeally want it. Then there's the newest movie Emolga pan sticker. I've also seen this new glittery Emolga keychain that came out at the Pokemon center. Anyone doing pick-ups for it?
Annnnnnd lastly, I'm still after the blind box movie Emolga charm. I'm sure a lot of members got some boxes and pulled an Emolga. I'll kindly take it off your hands.


I'm still after this guy, STILL! I'm doing my usual checks on Y!J but still nothing. I really want to get this plush since it slipped through my fingers a couple times now. ;3; SIIIIGH. Someone help!

More wants on my website can be found here, the ones pictured above are just my top priority right now.

Thanks in advance!


Tags: breloom, emolga, espeon, flareon, leafeon, sylveon, vaporeon, wanted, zigzagoon
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