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(Re)Intro + Collection journey + Wants

Hello community! I've been waiting to do a proper post but now that I think about it, I don't think I ever posted a real introduction or collection post.
I've been a member here since... gosh I'm not even sure. 2007? 2008? I dunno man but I've been around forever. I stopped collecting in 2009 due to financial
garbage and have recently come back. I missed you guys <3 I am also not very good at talking about myself. Despite this I will still tell you a little about
me. I'm currently a student in college, working on a Bachelor's in Fine Arts (studio arts major) and I ping back and forth between living with my parents and
my boyfriend. I love collecting and the arts, lately I'm been stretching my artistic muscles with a sewing hobby. I collect a lot of Pokemon (at least I feel
like its a lot) which include Vulpix/Ninetales, all the Eeveelutions, Ponyta/Rapidash, Poochyena, Growlithe/Arcanine and I'm starting up some small sides for
Raikou and Deerling/Sawsbuck. I'm also slowly converting my silly boyfriend, he collects Ghost Tomys :) I think for X and Y I'm going to also pick up collecting
Skiddo and Gogoat. I guess if you have any questions about me you can ask :D Now onto the collections!

My collection used to be well contained in a single shelf of my bookshelf at my parents. I weeded out a lot of kids of Pokemon I wasn't collecting and a bunch of
Zoruas/Zoroarks I had picked up during their movie promotion. But I wandered back into the community and with all the I <3 Eevee stuff happening I just couldn't
stay away. My first (non game) Pokemon purchase was a DX Flareon and Jolteon from the community. I loved those bebes! I even took them with me to spend the summer
at my boyfriend's in a nearby city. This is sorta when things got crazy. You see his city has hit by a large tornado back in May, me and my two babies were in said
tornado. As soon as the sirens blared I put them in my bag convinced if I were saved they'd be saved with me or if not then at least they were with me. Thankfully we
were all ok, except for the boyfriend's apartment. So being displaced from his home we both moved back into my room at my parents which meant some changes. I also
decided at this point that I needed the rest of the DX 'vees so I made a purchase from fromjapan. Gotta say, they are among my most favourite part of my collection.
With this addition as well as my literal roommate my collection got split into plush (which were moved to another shelf) and figures (which were all over my dresser).

Here's all the plushies. Back then my only Eeveelu plushies were the DX's, pokedolls, the egg plush and my first ever canvas plush. I didn't post pictures of the figures
because it was quite messy and cramped. Once Bixby (boyfriend) found new residence I asked if it would be ok to migrate my Pokemon over there. He likes Pokemon too and
has played the games longer than I have so he was ok with it. Well we moved and it was crazy and all our poor Pokemon sat in a storage tub in our new bedroom for way longer
than I wanted them to. By this time I'd added the new mini Eeveelu plushies and 2012 Tomy plushies I'd found at a con we went to plus a bunch of figures for both of us.
That prompted this.

I thought it'd be really funny and a pretty big hint that I wanted to get a bookcase if I put all the Pokemon on the loveseat. So I set them all up and giggled as I imagined
my boyfriend's face as he came home from work and I sat innocently on the couch with both our collections taking up the other furniture in the living room. He was totally unphased.
:p He's such a butt. And then they sat there for a few days before I put them back in their tub. And then another week or so until we actually got the bookshelf to put them in.
Finally at the end of last week we got the shelf and assembled it and I put together my prized collection.

I'm shocked that it already seems like I need another bookcase lol. Compared to some others' collections mine is pretty puny but I feel like it's pretty big for apartment living.
Please excuse the photo quality, I've only got my phone camera and it's not super great unfortunately.

The top shelf is home to my primary collection, Vulpix/Ninetales and some sides: Growlithe/Arcanine and Poochyena.

A close up of my FireFox figures, including some customs by Bunny_chan6@DA. They're of my OC's Pixie and Pierce.

Fire ponies! It's still really small but I only collect plush and figures and they don't have too much. I also never thought I'd have the Tomys, especially after learning about their
rarity. Thanks so much to MintMittens for sending these two to me!

My Growlithe line and Poochyena sides. Also super tiny (like that Poochyena zukan!) but I'm hoping to make more headway with them sometime in the distant future :)

Now for the 'Vees! They're eating up most of my collecting which is funny to me because Vulpix is my primary focus lol.

Here are my Eevees, Vaporeons and Jolteons. Almost all are legit, jut need to replace the Tomy Eevee figure and Tomy Vaporeon figure. I think I'm going to turn them into shinies if I find
the time. I had a bootie Jolteon too but he's being converted into Bixby's OC Donovan :)

Flareons! A closely second fav evolution (next to Vaporeon) along with Espeon and Umbreon. I feel like Espeon and Umbreon are supposed to be mysterious and sleek or whatever but mostly they're
just derpy to me haha. And Flareon always seemed derpy in the anime and games but his merch is pretty adorbs. Loving the ear tufts of his mini plush.

The smallest of the 'Vee collection. It took a long time but I've finally warmed up to Leafeon and Glaceon. Those DX plushies really did me in, they're my favourite Pokemon plushies I have because
they're well made and super cuddly. Like I love all my canvas plushies but they're just so small you can't cuddle them very well. I'm hoping to bulk up these collections to the same size as all their
predecessors. Also included is my 'Veelution bag, I'm not sure why I'm so enamored with it but I am! I sort of wish I had 2 so I could display one and use the other.

Finally we have my miscellaneous Pokemon and Bixby's growing collection. He also has some customs by Bunny_chan6 but most of his collection is Tomy figures. They're his favourite! Also you can only see
its butt, but the orange thing behind Golurk is a Trapinch he made out of clay as one of his first sculptures n.n

Whew, if you read all that you deserve a rare candy.

My boyfriend and I are also looking to expand our collections. If you have the time (and can load a ton of pictures. Seriously this is super image heavy) then please feel free to check out a wants post
for two!
A wants post built for 2
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