caffwin (caffwin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shiny Kingdra Auction Reminder + Wanted!

This is just a reminder to all bidders that the auction for my shiny OOAK Kingdra pokedoll ends today at 10pm PST- that's almost exactly 12 hours from now!

Click the photo to go to visit the page or to bid~

Also I'm looking for these two pokedolls:

Cresselia and Metagross! They don't have to have hang tags, nor do I expect them to be mint. Loved is fine! If anyone has one they're willing to part with either of those, please let me know or throw me a price range that you're looking for. I'm looking to pay ~$20-$25 each but that price is negotiable. ^_^

The rest of my plush wishlist is here:

There are some pretty common guys in there, so maybe some of you guys can help me out. :D
I am generally hoping for MWT condition for most of the ones on that list, though. Please show me anything I might be after!

And that concludes this short post! I'll be posting some end of summer sales in the next couple weeks or so, there will be a lot of plush and other goods that I have not yet listed that will be up for grabs. <3
Tags: cresselia, kingdra, metagross, plush
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