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Pokemon in our world/ Collection preview

Hello there! It's been quite some time since I posted on here (about March or so) but I'm now back after being so busy with work and life in general. I have been on here checking out all the awesome posts on here but never really thought I had something interesting to post but now I give you pictures of Pokemon I took this summer made to look like they're real. I wanted to get creative with some of my Pokemon plush outside like they where a part of it like at the beach or in a garden area.
Carnivine is my favorite Pokemon so I took my kids figure to a nearby conservatory.

A sneak preview of my plush collection is at the end which will be my next future post for a re-introduction/collection update so hope you enjoy.

Butterfree in a flower garden.

Celebi near a shrine/well.

Seel resting on some rocks at the beach.

Pelipper sitting on a tree looking out at the water.

Lapras washed up on the beach.

Squirtle sitting on the beach.

Corsola resting on some rocks.

A great shot of Pelipper with a lighthouse in the background.

Chimecho softly blowing in the breeze.

Collection preview of most of my plush. My next post will go more in detail with closer up photos.

Hope you enjoyed and if any of you have photos of your Pokemon merch like this please share if you like.
Tags: butterfree, carnivine, celebi, chimecho, collection, corsola, lapras, pelipper, seel, squirtle
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