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A long time pokemon collector has appeared!

Hi guys. My name is AJ, and I have been a huge pokemon fan for the longest time. Throughout those years I have bought many pokemon merchandise, though for the past few years I have slowed down. I have started to get back into it earlier this year, and when I found this site I knew I had to join to show off my stuff, look for things to add to my collection, and get questions answered. One such question is Mirage plush pokemon... I think I may have some, but I am not sure, and hopefully you guys can answer

First off, I want to say I dabbled in Plushies, figures, and japanese pokemon cards, though now I am just focusing on Plushies. A goal of my is to one day get one plush of every pokemon. I would like to think I am... less then 1/10th there, haha, but it will happen! If I can't do that, I do want to at least get every ghost.

Before I start, since it is Halloween, lets start by showing off the pumpkin I won second place with, my favorite pokemon of all, Gengar!

Doesn't he look awesome? Trying to figure out a way to preserve it.

Anyway, on to my collection!

I dug through my attic and closets to find all my plushies. That is why I didn't post as soon as I was excepted 2 weeks ago. took me awhile before I knew I found everything. This is most of my plushie collection:

I freaking love plushies. Cheaper then figures, and less fragile. That is why I prefer Plushie collecting to figure collecting. Anyway, one to all the plushies.

Got to start off with my favorite pokemon type, the ghosts! Sadly I only have 3, but they are my top priority to add!

Here is my Pikachu/Raichu collection. Love my Pikachu pillow.

Mewtwo, Onix, Stayu, Zubat, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Flying Shayman.

Weavle, articuno, Groudon, Murkrow, and Togepi.

These are some of my Oldest. Psyduck, Cleafairy, Snorlax, Butterfree, Dratini, and Koffing.

Jirachi, a bigger snorlax, a a lugia I bought from a custom artist at a con.

My two very cute Meloetta's.

I went to Nintendo world a few days before X and Y and that was what I got.

Now, I this is the picture I was talking about when I brought up Mirage Pokemon. I can't seem to find any info on that Blastoise of mine. I am thinking it may be a mirage, but I am not sure. Can anyone help?

My cute as heck Mew, along with a Mew Mask i got at a Japanese culture festival.

This Charizard is one of my favorites. I got him at Dave and Busters many years ago. he is awesome, but sadly they meterial inside him is breaking. Any idea how I can restore him? Also... the Charmander may be a mirage plush too.

Meowth and Tepig who I won at the boardwalk.

My COmplete Eevee collection! I beleive all the eevees are that special pokemon center brand. Newest edition is Sylveon!

While I was digging for my Plushies, I found this bag.

I forgot I had these figures. So I took them out and set them up to show them off!

I am not sure, but I think that Silver Mewtwo and red Mini gravler may be rare?

Now, as for pokemon cards, i collected Japanese ones. In my town, we had a little korean shop that sold lots of asian stuff. One was japanese pokemon cards, cheaper for the american ones. I collected so much in middle and high school(up till 2004) There are too many to show here, but I put them all in my photobucket albem and you can check it out there. I also show off my rare promotional english cards, a misprint, and a bunch of ancient Mews(I have multiples if people want to trade. Still wrapped too) Some notable ones are the very odd Dodou, and the rare Team Rocket card(with Jessie, james, and meowth)


However, I do have 2 cards that I consider my super rare ones. My prized 3star Shiney Raichu and Shiney Celebii!

I would love to get a Shiney Celebii in game!

And that is my collection! I hope you guys like it, and if you guys want bigger pictures of specific plushies, cards, or figures, just let me know! I hope My collection is something of interest to you guys.

Oh, and I know I can tag every pokemon... but that would be a huge amount of tags, so I will slowly add those tags in after I post this.
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