Lati Queen (seouldew) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lati Queen

Pokemon Time Clear File GB!!

Hi everyone! I have been on the comm for a long time but lately I have just been lurking. I received my permission to sell a long time ago (2009 I think!)

Anyways I present to you: A POKEMON TIME CLEAR FILE GB!

Details under the

-Feed back is here (I had lots more but that was before the shift in feedback layout!)

-Shipping from the US!

-No limit on claims, first come, first served

-I will purchase the lot (it's on ebay) once everything has been claimed!

-Once I have purchased the lot I will request payment to be sent within 24-48 hours

- I will be claiming both Latios and Latias

Pictures: (I believe the files come in pairs for each pokemon)

So each will be: $9.46 (before shipping to you)

Latios/Latias: seouldew
Gardevoir: kattotang
Mew: nysaurus
Drifloon: mintmittins
Rayquaza: drfsupercenter
Flygon: dragonrider49

Thank you! Please don't hesitate to ask questions :D

edit: when the files are purchased I can give you your total including the shipping to you :)

EDIT 2: CLOSED! Thank you so much! I'll be buying the folders tonight, look out for your totals soon!

EDIT 3: according to the seller it will take 14-21 days for the folders to reach me. I will make a post when they are shipped thanks!

EDIT 4: I have the folders but due to a car accident, the holidays and now we got hit with two snow storms I haven't been able to ship them...folders will be shipped before Christmas. Thank you for understanding.
Tags: ampharos, deoxys, drifloon, flygon, gardevoir, group buy, jirachi, mew, natu, rayquaza
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