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Much-belated NYCC & XY Release recap!

Hi community! I haven't been able to post or lurk much over the past 2 1/2 weeks because I've been busy with too many things. (NYCC and its toll of exhaustion, changing the focus on my master's degree project and getting a new advisor, spending 5 days in Houston with my mother at a nutrition convention, and most importantly, playing Pokemon Y! I have 4 badges at the moment, I play Pokemon very slowly because I like to savor everything and take my time to grind.)

Anyway, I wrote a recap of the Nintendo World event on my Bulbagarden blog. (yes, that video really did happen!)

Plushes!!!!!! I spent a lot of my birthday money on them!
Also note that I finally reached my goal of getting at least one plush for every Eeveelution!

The Poke Ball cartridge case was one of their giveaways!

They handed out these paper starter hats at both NYCC and Nintendo World.

Was lucky to find these two Unova bird kids at one of the vendor booths!

They handed out this giant poster inside the store once we bought our games. More swag!

Xerneas pin and Yveltal dog tag that was also handed to me in the store.

They gave out these art prints all weekend. A very nice job!
Tags: archeops, bandai, banpresto, braviary, chespin, eeveelution, fennekin, froakie, glaceon, kids, leafeon, mew, people, pokecen, tomy, xerneas, yveltal
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