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Still have sales and going to post collection update sometime this weekend! ^_^

Hello everyone! I am super happy today because I have received the last package I wanted to get before posting a collection post. I have a really bad camera phone though, so that will make it somewhat less fun... :( But I cannot wait to show everyone how far I have come in a just a couple months. Thanks to you guys on here I have no only gotten back almost everything I used to have in my collection, but I was able to receive some rare grails that I never even had before, and have at least twice as many items as I used to! ^_^ SO THANK YOU ALL!!! :)

On another note, I do have some sales left including some battle museum figures and other figures. I also have some TCG at my journal which I will link you to in my sales.

Feedback link is HERE:
Sales permission was granted by denkimouse 11/28/2010

Eevee Battle Museum!!! ^_^ You know you wanna bring her home with you!!
I am willing to haggle on anything!!! Also, I am open to trades/partial trades/cash on anything I have for sale for items from my wants list.

~Rules and Guidelines~

-I ship from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA
-I will hold items for no more than 24 hours (meaning you tell me you want something, then I message you saying the total, and you do not pay within 24 hours OF ME TELLING YOU YOUR TOTAL unless otherwise worked out with me)
-I CAN NO LONGER SHIP INTERNATIONALLY :( (I will ship internationally for extra postage! The rates are as follows:
1-10 cards= $7.00 to anywhere outside the U.S. 10+ cards= $10.00 to anywhere outside the U.S.
-I generally will ship your item within a few days :) (approx. 2-4 business days)
-Haggling is OK!!! (as long as you're being reasonable of course)
-Shipping starts at 2.50 for flats in the U.S. (which is all I am selling at this time)
-Any questions or want to see additional pics??? Just message me!! :)
-Do not post if you are not going to reply back within 24 hours. This is just rude to keep me and other buyers waiting on whether you want an item or not, or to clarify which items you want.
-Please try to be specific as possible when telling me which items you want, or link me with the pictures. Try to use titles for the items that I have used. That way there is less confusion and less mistakes.

Feedback link is HERE:
Sales permission was granted by denkimouse 11/28/2010



All figures come mint in the package and come with their stickers and a sheet like the one below with the set info:

Sneasel: $4.00
Hoothoot: $3.00
Eevee: $20.00
Aipom: $3.00
Miltank: $5.00
Houndour: $5.00 SOLD!
Sudowoodo: $3.00
Krabby: $3.00 SOLD
Gyarados: $5.00 SOLD
Tentacruel: $2.00
Kakuna: $2.00

More pics... sorry they are bad! :(

Eevee Ippai:

Comes with stickers and flattened box- $5.00 shipped to the U.S.

Pikachu Friends Figure:

Pikachu Friends Figure: $5.00 shipped to U.S.
All others sold

Pencil Toppers:

All $1.00 each :) $3.50 shipped each to the U.S. SOLD: SLAKING

Bandai Kids:


Some of these kids have wear, paint rubs, etc..
I have two cubone available- 1 has permanent marker writing, one does not. The one with writing is $.50, and the other is $1.00.
Elekid is dirty and has lots of paint rubs, so he is 50 cents. The Diagla is a DX kid I believe (cubone in the pic for size comparison), that one is $3.00. Darkrai is $3.00 too. All the rest are $1.00 each. (Please inquire about specific condition information before purchasing if concerned).




These will come shipped with the boxes flattened (unless otherwise requested for additional shipping). Candy and sticker card will be included :)
$5.00 each shipped to the U.S.

I also have some cards left at my journal (these aren't completely updated, but I have most that are listed)

HERE: Top post only! Thanks! :)


Current wants (this is just a wants post, doesn't mean I am looking to buy much right now, but you can always ask me!)

-Sylveon keshipoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Sylveon straps and keychains (I have the TOMY one already)
-BIG Sylveon movie plush (15 inch one)
-Sylveon lotto plush w/eevee
-Espeon Takara Tomy Plush
-Espeon MPC
-Espeon I love Eevee DX Plush
-Espeon Pokemon Center 2012 plush
-Leafeon MPC
-Leafeon regular sized I Love Eevee plush
-Leafeon Takara Tomy Plush
-All eeveelution TOMYS except eevee (preferably in box and really looking for Sylveon, Espeon, and Leafeon right now)
-Umbreon Chupa (old one)
-Umbreon zukan piece (old one)
-Espeon Battle Museum figure
-Glaceon Chou Gett
-Flareon regular kid (old one, standing pose)
-Umbreon (walking) kid
-Both Glaceon attack kids
-Leafeon regular standing kid
-Leafeon and Glaceon chupas and keshipoke from the old sets (yes, the really rare ones lol) Edit: GOT GLACEON KESHIPOKE! ^_^
-Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon chupas from 2012

maybe more... but that's most of it! lol
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