princesspichu (princesspichu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a few wants + a possible bootie?

Hello comm!

I've recently decided to collect loved plushies, since I don't particularly care about them being MWT or anything, and because I love to carry them around and give them names and accessories ^^

That being said, I'm currently looking for four plushies in particular!
The first one is the 2005 UFO Dragonite plush :] (the one with beautiful eyes ^^)
The second is the Pokemon Time Growlithe plush!
The third is the Dragonite Pokedoll :D
And the fourth is a Tufty Pichu and Gizamimi Pichu! I believe Tufty is a Friends Plush, but honestly I have no idea how many different Tufty plushes there are or anything (same with Gizamimi) When it comes to these two, I'm just looking for plushies in general, I suppose.

I'd prefer all these plushies in loved condition and they don't have to have their hangtags.

Now for my bootie question!
I received an Ampharos plush for my birthday, and I believe he may be a bootie D:

My sister bought him off of eBay and I didn't even know there was an Ampharos plush aside from the Canvas and the tiny one :O

What first led me to believe he was a bootie was the fact that he doesn't have a mouth :<

Second, was his tush tag looks pretty generic, and just says "Made in China" with not much else, not even the Pokemon Company logo or anything.

The inside of the tag is empty as well.

I mean, even if he is a bootie, I still love him because Ampharos is one of my favorite Pokemon ^_^ I'd just like to know if he is a fake or not.

Well, thank you for reading my post!
I've been buying a TON from the community so a major update is definitely due!

Bye-bye! :]
Tags: ampharos, dragonite, growlithe, pichu, plush, wanted
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