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Gets and massive collection update. :3


Here is a couple of gets that I don't keep on my collection shelf. >_<

pokemon collection 8 sm

This bag is vinyl and quite large AND SPARKLY. I love it, it's a perfectsize for all my girly make-up and shiny things, it wipes off easily and it's SPARKLY. Also, this bag is SPARKLY. <3

Pokemon Collection Sylvy sm

This little fellow goes in my phone jack and cleans the greeblies off my phone. :3

Ok, next up we have the shelf of many things. My main collection is Slowpoke/Slowking and Sylveon/Eevee, Raichu(I am very picky about my Raichu merch, so I have little). I am also an avid fan of Vaporeon and Leafeon and due to my complete set OCD I ended up collection all the vees, THEY'RE JUST ALL SO CUTE. XD

My next collection Pokemon are Mew, Ditto and Magikarp. I tried my best not to collect Clefable but as you will see I failed miserably... even Clefairy worked her way in... (complete set OCD) Hmmm upon reading this list... I have a thing for pink pokemon. 0_o

-> pokemon collection 5
One might say I like Sylveon/Eevee plush. I still need the large Sylveon, the one that is bigger than the DX line! Then I think I will have them all! I have the lotto Sylveon/Eevee pokedoll plush on order. My favorites are the Talking Sylveon and the Standing plush line.

pokemon collction 3
Annnd the rest of the crew... I STILL NEED THE DX FLAREON, it is so elusive.

pokemon collection 4
Oh gosh my Slowpokes and Slowkings warm my heart!! If there is an item of Poke/Bro/King you do not see here... I WANT IT. Haha! I particularly LOVE my fuzzy Slowking plush in the back! <3

pokemon collection 6
These are my adorable little Mews and the Clefables I do not collect... yeah ok, I give in, I love them.

Pokemon Collection 9
This is my randoms shelf, things don't have sets or are too small to display elsewhere. You can find most of my Dittos here. MY DITTO GRAIL... the 1:1 Dittochu Plush... SOMEDAY!! XD
I also do not collect Entei or Ho-oh or Munchlax... >_>

pokemon collection 2
This is another odds and ends shelf, though some of my favorite items are here! We have my stamp collection( I LOVE stamps), My Shiny Magikarp tumbler, Sylveon/Eevee and pokedoll towels and Pokedoll cloth and many other little treasures!

pokemon collection 1
AND a view of my Pokemon themed shelf! I have room dedicated to my collection. Pokemon is only a portion. >_< I mainly collect Sailor Moon and Pokemon though Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online and Natsume Yuujinchou sure are working their way up there...

I mentioned I collect Magikarp soooo of course.... I also have this...
pokemon collection 7

I really want to try and downsize so I am going to be weeding pretty soon, if you see something you really want that isn't a main collection item, you could probably ask and I might part with it. D: <-

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