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Auctions ending in 12 hours!

If you see anything you like, get those bids in soon.
The pictures are linked to their respective auctions. :)
2013-11-09 20.03.032013-11-09 20.03.472013-11-09 20.04.56
2013-11-09 20.05.252013-11-09 20.06.092013-11-09 20.06.50
2013-11-09 20.07.592013-11-09 20.08.382013-11-09 20.17.30
2013-11-09 20.08.59

In an effort to make this post more interesting:
If all these items sell, my "extra's pile" will finally be gone for the first time in almost 2 years. Where do you keep your pokemon extra's? How big was you biggest pile before you had a sales post? Did anything ever go unsold for so long that you decided to just keep it? XD
Tags: lucario, manaphy, mudkip, rayquaza, sales, shellos, slowking
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