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Intro post!

Hello! I'm Mimi. I've been lurking this community for a while (I did know of its existence a few years back, but avoided it because I wanted to spare my wallet the pain. XD) But, I've caved and want to get into the world of Pokemon collecting!

Despite loving the series since Crystal, I barely bought any merchandise of the series except the occasional want - I spend most of my money on video games or clothes (fashion is my other hobby! *o*). I have mostly Eeveelutions. So I'm here to share my humble collection full of more recent releases, and hope for it to grow as I spend more time here! In fact, I've already placed a new order on Sunyshore!

Sylveon figures! A TOMY and the figure that came with the TCG collection. I used to have a Wartortle Tomy when I was young but I have no idea where it went... XD I had lots of Burger King figures, too.

Talky Sylveon. It's super cute, but I had to turn off the voice because it was so loud. I forgot it talked and when I moved it accidentally, it scared me!

Pokemon Time mugs! I just recently bought these and they are amazing! I want to use the tins for storage, so I'm going to wash and use the mugs soon :) Ampharos is one of my favorite Pokes, but Gardevoir's design was too cute not to buy...

The mugs!

The back of the mugs!

Trading cards (just realized Umbreon is missing), as well as an Eeveelutions cookie tin (the cookies were delicious), and an Umbreon/Espeon deck box. I have lots of older cards, but nothing too special. I had shiny Dark Blastoise as a kid - some guy at school traded me his whole deck for it!

Buttons! I saw these at Anime North and couldn't resist - the same seller also made that Eevee gijinka print in the back. I believe her shop is this storenvy :)

More fanmade merch! The Kyohei strap is also by the above artist. The Pokeball and Pikachu keychains were by an artist I've been following for years! Her storenvy is right here. She doesn't have the designs up anymore but has new 5th gen ones. And the Kanto starter pins, I bought from an artist who I've forgot >.<

Mantyke and Turtwig <3 I've always loved those two. And more Sylveon! A case for my 3DS games.

Finally, Milotic PokeTime strap, Happy Party Time charm set (Pikachu is in use!), and a Ho-oh/Lugia handkerchief :)

I do own more Pokemon things but most of them are who knows where. Hopefully I will be able to buy a lot more and find a place to display them all! ^^ Thanks for looking!
Tags: ampharos, custom, eeveelution, gardevoir, sylveon
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