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My new display with featured MIP TOMYs, plus some news

Sup here with RobertIsAwesome, and I got a new display. Three of those same displays that you can fit on your bed (the outside). I thought it would work as a display, so I bought, and it worked! :D I bought them at Goodwill because they were on sale. :) I know some images may look bad but it's because I can't reach the display with no stool, so I used a stool, so next up is pictures.
This is an entire closeup of all three of the displays. About 70-80 figures could fit on the display. The third one is empty because when I stopped at 151, I noticed there were extra shelf space, so I thought of putting random Pokemon merchandise. So far there have been 2 Voltorb kids, and an Electrode kid after the TOMYs. I think my MIP TOMYs could fit in that third display.
This is the left-hand side of the first display. Some of the figures in the back are hidden, so you can see the front of the part of the display. Some figures are even covered like Ivysaur. This pictures covers almost of the Pokemon at the back row, but features only 3 figures in the front probably due to the angles.
This is the middle-hand side of the first display. The angle is a bit awkward because I was more by the second display. This isn't the quite middle-middle, but shows most of the figures in the middle of the first display.
This is the right-hand side of the first display. This covers the figures that weren't in the first two photos like Caterpie, and a few others probably. This angle is a bit bad because you can see a bit of the middle-hand of the display.
The left-hand side of the second display. This angle is the same as the left-hand side of the first display, but with different figures.
The middle-middle of the second display. This is a better angle than the middle-middle of the first display. This shows all the figures in the middle, and an exact straight angle.
The end of the second display. This isn't an exact angle because I was in a weird angle when taking a photo of the right-hand side of this display.
The third display. This is all the figures from Kabuto to Mew with the 2 Voltorb kids, and an Electrode Kid. What else should I display there like MIP TOMys, or Jakks figures, or tiny bootlegs. I mean what else should display after Mew? :O
This is the Machop, and Machamp 2 pack. They are made by Auldey TOMY, unlike most of my TOMYs that say something like the old school copyright imformation (something like CGTSJ TOMY).
The back of the package with Machop, and Machamp. I know what the information about Machop, and Machamp under their pictures, but please translate the top (except the info of Machop and Machamp.), and the entire bottom.
These two photos are close-ups of the figures themselves.

The new Takara TOMY M-136 is Jolteon. This is a TOMY from the 5th generation series of TOMYs, but I'm okay with old and new poses.
The back of the package. Please translate the information on the back!
News! I'm also waiting for my Nidoqueen, Nidoran♂, Omanyte, and Omastar TOMYs from SMJ. Hope they arrive by Christmas! :D
Thanks for commenting and reading this post!
Edit #1: I bought a huge lot with 82 Pokemon toys. I will make a post on them when they arrive. :)
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