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Darkly Dragon

Kana's Secret Base - Collection Update


Kana's Secret Base

So I have moved since my last collection update and have gained a few new things. Click the cut below to see my new collection setup. Also got my fiancé into collecting, he now has a small Dragonite and Charizard collection.

Fire Dogs - Growlithe and Arcanine

Giant Arcanine

Jolteons and the Raichu that thinks its one.

The pink shelf - Mews

Faeries - Cottonee and Whimsicott

Ghost Dragon - Giratina

Fire Critters - Fletchling and Cyndaquil

Gen 1 Water Pokemon Shelf - Magikarp, Wartortle, and Lapras

Giant Shiny Karp

(Not pictured - Currently in Storage)

The random shelf - Shellos, Gastrodon, Swinub, Sentret, Furret, and Rotom (Cut Version)

Candle Ghost - Litwick

The very tiny Mawile Collection (Pokemon Time Plush on the way)

The Great Forest Spirit...I mean Xerneas

I am also planning on starting a Noibat collection as soon as it starts getting merch. I think there is only a clear file out of it right now.

My fiancés collection:

I have quite a few new gets on the way. So expect a post about those soon. Also got my fiancé a bunch of Pokemon items for his collection for Christmas.

Tags: arcanine, charizard, collection update, cottonee, cyndaquil, dragonite, fletchling, furret, gastrodon, giratina, growlithe, jolteon, lapras, litwick, magikarp, mawile, mew, rotom, sentret, shellos, swinub, wartortle, whimsicott, xerneas
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