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Rare Fleece Latis blanket auction and Unova toys sales additions

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Up for auction today is a rare still brand new never used Latias and Latios fleece hoenn era Fabric panel (it has unfinished edges at the bottom, the fabric panels were made and sold to become soft fleece poke blankets) blankets, as I said already they are quite soft, perfect to curl up in with a plush to cuddle with on a cold winter day
the dimensions are 47" by 64"

The blanket actually has a story behind it about 2 years ago now a Maine surplus store chain called Mardens managed to get some of these blankets in stock and when I purchased one and showed it on the com many people wanted one of these and that lead to my first pick ups I ever did, I ended up going to EVERY single Mardens across the state and bought each one of them out of these until not a single one was left across the state, or so I thought. Last week I went to my local Mardens and when I walk through the door what do I see, they had 1 of these this one hanging on the wall so of course I asked if they had more, and come to find out that was the only one they had that single one was misplaced in their fabric backroom for 2 years and they had just put it up on the wall. At first the employee wouldn't sell it since they honestly didn't want to have to get the ladder to get it down but after much convincing and a half hour later the employee got it down, and now it is some one on here's chance to own it

The blanket will start at 40$ based on the price of my last pick up and due to the fact that it is the only one

SALES/ Auction Rules
- Prices are in USD.
- I only accept payment from Paypal at the moment unless other arrangements are made and I know you :)
- I am not responsible for packages after I have shipped them
- payment expected asap
- no returns
My feedback
- granted sales permission on 20 DEC 2011 b entirelycliched
- DO ship international :)
- if you would like feedback please give me a link to it
- all the normal auction rules apply
- shipping isn't included
- I ship from the USA
- auction ends in 1 week on December 8th at 5:00 PM EST and here is a countdown timer for it
- I MAY accept payment plans, but 1 requirement for me to accept one is you must have sales permission so I know you are trust worth

a preview of some of my new sales additions
 photo 208da648-6f9f-473b-9458-cfb1fb8b0152_zpscd43de47.jpg

click here or the banner to go to my sales
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