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Holiday Sales + Custom Plush Auctions

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
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* Other Sales
* Custom Plush Auctions

I haven't been around much the past few months but I have been collecting Bunnelby and a few other things here and there :D

I'd have to say that Croagunk is my favorite plush! I also got the small I <3 gothic one too :) And I'm so happy Bunnelby is getting so much merch *W*

I have 2 auctions for an ornament plush and 2 5" snowmon plush at my journal, here

Click here to go to auctions

This is the only chance to get Winter/Christmas/Snowmon plush from me until next winter!

I added a bunch of new things to my sales as well as lowered previous stock prices.

-Sales and Shipping Policies-
* All pkmncollectors rules apply. I will not sell to anyone banned from there.
* Paypal only! No e-checks, please! (or atleast ask me first)
* Feel free to haggle but I have the right to decline or counter-offer.
* I ship from Hyrum, UT USA - shipping WORLDWIDE! But I might need to get quotes first for some orders!
* Prices do not include shipping, please include your zip code/country when inquiring about any items!
* S/H (+materials) for non-flats starts at $2.50 in US and $7 anywhere else.
* Please make it clear if you're asking for a quote!
* I will hold for 24 hours for first inquirer.
* Please do not back out once you are committed to buying.
* I ship multiple times a week!
* I am not responsible for lost or damaged orders, if you want DC or Insurance please let me know!
* Cards will be put into top loaders/clear sleeves (while supplies last) Small orders will be put into clear plastic sleeves, larger orders will be put in plastic/ziplock bags and/or bubble wrap. All flats will be backed with cardstock or cardboard.

* Might be open to trades and haggling (especially if you're buying a lot)!
* Please ask about conditions if you're concerned! I will mention any flaws I feel I need to when replying to quotes.

* Various conditions, please ask if concerned!

$15 Winter Stunfisk about 4", made by me last December. Made with ultracuddle fabric and prismacolor marker for the grey.

Original 6" Substitute plush $40, New years Tumbling Darumaka $50

Patchwork Minccino Keychain Plush $15 and Jakks Minccino (tag is curved) $5

Munchlax $10, pokecen Minccino $5, Christmas Aipom $10, loved jakks aipom $1

Braviary MPC $10

MWT Kiosk Ducklett pokedoll $10, Mienfoo pokedoll (detached/damaged tag) $10, Epcot MWT Blitzle pokedoll $10

JP Regigigas Pokedoll (no hangtag, some flaws/lightly loved) $15, Epcot MWT Giratina pokedoll $15

Mini pokedolls; Manaphy, Celebi, Shaymin $4 ea

Banpresto Meloettas $4, Jakks Riolu $8, Banpresto Lillipup $3

Jakks Zubat $1, Zorua $5, Munna $1, Talking Chimchar $8, friends Snubbull $1, Tomy Victini, Emolga $4, Banpresto Bunneary $3, TY Pansage, Axew $3

Banpresto Buizel $10, Scraggy $5 ea, Jakks Scraggy $3

Jakks MWT (Spring has a detached tag that can be included) Deerling Set $18
(not separating unless all have interest)

Jakks MWT Panpour, Pansage, Pansear SET (not separating unless all have interest) $18

* All figures vary in condition from very bad to like new

Mewtwo with Genesect arm Zukan (his arm was missing & Genesect came with an extra..) $3
Shiny Genesect Zukan $3 (He's rather derp, got bent up in the capsule I think + white paint outside of his teeth...)

Volbeat & Illumise, $1 for pair, Celebi $4, Ledyba/Ledian/Spinarak/Ariados $15

Venipede zukan $8, Axew zukan $7

Poliwag/whirl/poliwrath zukan, Numel zukan, plusle/minum (playset? movie zukan?) $1

Ledyba minicot $2, mini Darmanitan $1, summer 2013 Eevee strap $5

$1 kids in varying conditions

$1 kids in varying conditions but mostly NM

$2 kids in NM condition

$1 kids in varying conditions
gone: heracross

$1 kids in mint condition

Minccino soap figure $8 OBO, Weavile bottlecap $1, genesect motionmovie gallery (card included) $5

$2 ea bottlecaps
gone: lucario

misc figures: $.50 ea

Free beat up tomy Munchlax, keychains are $.25 ea

Jakks Patrat, Tepig, Zorua, Munna $.50 ea
MCD Dewott, Servine, Tepig, Oshawott, Zekrom, Reshiram $.25 ea

BK very used. Free but will probably increase shipping
gone: Tauros and Venonat

Flats, Misc, Freebies

$5 clearfile

Fukuoka Hanky $8

Nidoqueen Charm $5

Tattoos $.25 ea
Gone: Meowth, Persian, Psyduck

Thanks everyone!
Tags: blitzle, braviary, buizel, bunnelby, celebi, chimchar, croagunk, darumaka, deerling, ducklett, emolga, giratina, lillipup, manaphy, meloetta, mienfoo, minccino, munchlax, panpour, pansage, pansear, regigigas, riolu, sales, scraggy, shaymin, stunfisk, victini
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