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BW chocolate shop pics :)

Hey, I hope it's okay to post some info about a cute item I got in my last lot of stuff from YJ. :) This is the BW Chocolate Shop playset and it's super cute! Here's what the box looks like:

I didn't actually put the toy together, but here's the parts that are supposed to be assembled to make the "shop" shown on the front of the box.

Here's the stickers and some super-cute fold up candy boxes. OMG SNIVY.

And now the actual molds! They're made of silicone so they're pretty sturdy even though the material is very thin in some places (mostly on the character faces). This is what the inside of the molds looks like. Lots of fine lines! I wasn't sure they would work very well, to be honest.

My wife and I made some chocolates with mixed results. As in, hers came out good because she's much more patient than I am! There were some problems with air bubbles in the chocolate and I didn't spend enough time getting them out. Apparently the trick is to bang the filled mold on the counter a lot to bring the air bubbles to the top, and pop them with a toothpick.

Our chocolate was a bit too thick, so next time I think we'll add a bit of oil to thin it out. Or use actual candy chocolate instead of just tossing some chocolate chips in the microwave. XD

Cheater's tip: Put the filled molds in the freezer for a bit to set the chocolate faster!

The molds are amazingly detailed! The lines are very fine and they actually come out looking just as you'd expect. Well, except for the holes caused by the air bubbles, but I know how to fix that for next time...

Detailed photos of all the chocolates!

Okay, now I want to go eat some chocolate. XD
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