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Collection Update and Commission reminder

I forgot to do a reminder ages ago about my black Friday special. Work and whatnot got in my way. Every plush has been started, some at more complete stages than others, but I've been working by color lately, which is why some are more complete than others. So the prices have been extended because of my forgetfulness. Everything from commissions past should be shipped! I know some of you have already received yours and others should be getting them soon!


So click here for some plush price deals extended: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16272916.html#t530485780

Enough of that, I actually am showing off some of my collection. I KNOW, RIGHT? I NEVER DO THIS ANYMORE! I'm pretty excited. So, in the immortal words of Mario, Letsa go!

My bigger stuffed animals that are chilling on my bay window while the companion cube gets fixed. HEY LOOK, GLACIDEA FLOWERS.

Also, at the beginning of November, I finished one of my Pokemon collections

ALL THE VIVILLONS! Oh god, I'm going to be so broke when they do a promo of these.

My new Charizard collection item. Wait...I don't collect Charizard. And this 'zard is suspiciously long.

I redid my collection shelf!

That last fuzzy pic is the dot sprite charms. I love these two collections <3 I'm still not sure if I'll be adding another collection to these just yet, but I will definitely be getting plush of things here and there. Maybe have an eclectic collection of random things I like <3


FUZZY BUGS UNITE! (the Larvesta is by DraggyCat for a secret santa exchange a few years ago)

Genesects sit on my dresser, sans the rumble figure which is with the others. That figure moves and shoots and was a gift from my awesome roommate! He needed assembly and his disc drive is removeable, which is SO COOL! The pokedoll is just adorably. As is Walky Turtwig. And here is a bad photo of the Pokemon wall. Stickers of the GSC guys, a walmart ad for XY, the gamestop Keldeo poster, Two of the double sided preorder XY posters, The pokemon timeline, and the game box pokemon displays!

There is so much to see here. Top shelf we have subby doll, green, politoed and espeon zukan, a genesect TCG coin, a bunch of rumble U figures, luxray zukan, typhlosion zukan, meganium zukan, tyranitar zukan, pixie trio zukan, gliscor zukan, donphan zukan, vespiquen zukan, roserade zukan, and Electvire zukan. Leafeon figure from that eeveelution museum set thing. Shaymin clipping figure which is the best shaymin figure of all time. And then there's some Pokemon movies on this shelf. I should put all my pokemon movies together.

Bottom shelgf we have some Pokemon guides and game boxes. All of my pokemon games stacked together, pokewalker, pokemon mini and games, Movie 11 TCG tin, my red pokemon DS box. That thing is utter perfection BTW. Black 2 preorder coin, Sapphire preorder coin, and Stadium 2 box. I have more than this, but I feel cluttered if I have too much out, so the rest is in a box in my closet for the time being.

I got this baby on release day and oh my god it's absolutely gorgeous. I love this system SO much. It's so nice and big.

So I didn't take a picture of everything. But I hope you enjoy of what I did take pictures! Thank you for looking at my things!
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