Tara (slothyshroom) wrote in pkmncollectors,

~Christmas Wants~

Merry Christmas!
Sorry I haven't been around. I was enjoying the holiday break and my Birthday was fun, I have tons of new items to showcase later.
All I want for my Birthday/Christmas is this "GOLD" Sylveon Medal collection coin. I've been after this coin for a couple months. I've already bought 4 boxes without any luck. I've spent so much and ended up with the SAME gold coins during one of my draws. X_X I'd love to get this item before it becomes too hard to obtain. DOES ANYONE HAVE ONE OR KNOW WHERE TO GET IT ONE? Or know the japanese searching term I could check?

I'm also still looking for this Sylveon soda holder that recently released this month.

And this is always my top priority, I'm still after this baby if anyone knows of its whereabouts.

I'm also looking for anything Sylveon that isn't already on my site. Give me a comment if you have anything. :3

Tags: sylveon, wanted, zigzagoon
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