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Happy Holidays from RobertIsAwesome :)

I hope you had a Merry Christmas this year! I got lots of Pokemon items for Christmas this year and most of them included Monster Collection figures. There were also Burger King golden cards, and Pokemon Y! So up first, we will show you in the cut below. I even got some grails of mine to increase the amount of figures in my Pokemon Tomy Collection. I am waiting on a late Christmas present from our latest TOMY GA here in our community where I got Gastly and Rhydon. OH, MY! :D Gastly was a long time grail of mine after 1 bootleg. XD
These are all the Pokemon TOMY International items I got for Christmas this year. Also, these all are the Pokemon X and Y TOMY merchandise for the USA. :)
Yesterday I went to Nintendo World to see if they had any of the figures missing from my collection. I thought the Pikachu plush was cute so I bought him. i knew I really wanted the Wobbuffet, so I got a 2-pack of Wobbuffet, and Chespin. In fact, the 2-packs at Nintendo World were a deal! :D They were only 6.99 for a pack of 2. These present were from my cousin. Thank you! :D
I noticed these about 12 hours ago, and they were not under the Christmas tree. I was not expecting the 3-pack Trainer Choice to be the one with Chikorita, Bayleef, and Meganium! :D I wanted those for a while. :) I own like 7 different Pika TOMYs (the chubby Pikachu, 2 of the 3 Pikachu that came with a Poke Ball Blaster and I only am missing the Angry one with its eyes shut out of the 3, a Surfing Pose Pikachu, a Possible Bootiechu and the new pose along with the one in the picture). I'm glad I also got the big Xerneas TOMY. I love all TOMYs espcially the big Xerneas which I prefer over all my TOMYs. Thank you Santa Claus! :D
My Jolteon TOMY! :D You may have seen this before, but it was really was a Christmas gift, so I opened it today. I took the packaging of the Jolteon TOMY upstairs to my room, and kept it until today by accident.
The old school Monster Collection TOMY figures! :D I know Electrode, the darker Nidoran♂, and Haunter are all fake figures, but good looking fakes. :) You have seen Sandshrew and Dragonair because I accidentally kept those two until Christmas. Machop and Machamp you have also seen before MIP because I kept them in the packaging until today. These were supposed to be Christmas gifts.
My Pokemon Y and the last 3 Golden Burger King cards to complete the whole set of 6! ;)
I hope for Christmas you got what you really wanted! :) Have a nice day, community! :)
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