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epic photostory filled with customs, a grail, and pokedoll cuteness! ♥

Hello collectors! It's been so long since I have posted... but that is only because I have been waiting... patiently... for this day.

Today... January 10, 2014... is a monumental day in my collection. It is the day that I finally receive something I NEVER thought I would ever own in my collection. IT IS ONE-OF-A-KIND! I guarantee you will be impressed! :D

If you want to know what it is.... read on. ;)
Quick reintro / backstory: I'm godudette / andrea! I am a Marill, Cresselia, and Darkrai collector. I also avidly collect Pokedoll charms and Pokedolls that are adorable... which is pretty much every one that has ever been made.

I absolutely love shiny Pokemon. Ever since I figured out how to RNG flawless, shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum, I have loved shinies.

As such, I've always wanted to have a shiny Pokemon plush of my main collections. Shiny pokedoll versions of Darkrai, Marill, and Cresselia are all GRAILS for me. :) Over a year ago, my very wonderful, amazing, and GENEROUS friend em_lemon said she would be able to create a shiny version of one of my Pokemon in pokedoll form. If you want to know which one she did for me, click the cut! ;)













When the box originally arrived outside my door, I wondered why it was so big! I opened it up and found Tanya (the Marill with an earring) on top with my *new*shiny*tufty* green Marill Pokedoll! But there was also a really large something in the box, too... with a pink note on top.

The note said that I hoped I loved my new pokedoll (AND OF COURSE I DO!) and apologized for taking a longer time to complete than em_lemon would have liked. She also congratulated me on my new teaching job and said that she included an extra special surprise to make up for the long wait. She also said I should take a moment to guess what it was... and that she hoped it would bring me many smiles. :)

Let me tell you... I NEVER GUESSED GIANT DX CUSTOM MARILL POKEDOLL! Both plush are more than I ever could have asked for! I would have waited five years to receive Marill customs that are this amazing! <3 Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am absolutely astonished! I haven't stopped smiling since I opened up the box hours ago. :)

em_lemon... you are my hero. You made a dream come true and I will always cherish these beautiful blue and green mice.

Here is a group pic of the entire 'rill pokedoll family!
Momma DX Marill Pokedoll is in the back and regular Marill pokedoll Anja is on the left, and Tanya on the right.
Shiny Marill Pokedoll needs a name! Can anyone think of boy names that rhyme with Anja and Tanya? (Unless he swaps genders and becomes Sonya.) V_V

Comparison pics - em_lemon did a fabulous job of recreating the pattern. The shiny Marill looks exactly like the original. As you can see on the left ear, I asked if she would be able to create tufty hair for my new shiny Marill to make it look like a boy. The tufty hair is modelled exactly after the Tufty-haired Pichu pokedoll.

When em_lemon originally created shiny Marill, she accidentally forgot about the hair! I thought he still looked super cute without it, so I asked if she could make it removable. She attached a mini bobby pin to the tufty hair and it slides right onto his ear... or his sister's ear. XD

Cute little Marill tushies!

DX Marill Pokedoll comparison pictures!
(Momma and Tanya)

Look at those adorable tails!

And this is just awesome.... Check out my DX Marill Pokedoll with my DX Darkrai Pokedoll. These two were meant for each other. <3

And here's a picture of the entire extended family. These are my favorite Pokedolls. Next time I post I will have a HUGE collection update of all my pokedolls and pokedoll charms. :)

Yes, em_lemon. They bring me lots and lots of smiles. :) <3
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