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Massive offers/sales post! :3

Long time no see! I still read the comm every day but I haven't posted in like half a year... Too busy with school and selling my extra stuff here in Finland, but I still have way too much stuff taking up space so it's sales post time again!

- Sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
- I ship from Finland. Shipping starts from $1.3 for flats (the limit for flats is 3cm so most of the figures can be shipped as flats). For anything thicker than that shipping starts from $8 to Europe and $12.3 outside Europe. Plus possibly $1-2 for a bubble mailer.
- If you ask for a quote, I will hold the items for you for 24h. If you don't answer within that time, the items go to the next interested buyer.
- Paypal only
- Feedback

First I'm taking offers on some of my rarer items.

So, this "I'd like..." price basically means the minimum I will accept, but it also means that if there's no interest I might be willing to go lower. I'm not really sure about some of the items' worth. :'D

Vaporeon Bell Plush! Slight wear on the edges of the package, but the plush itself looks flawless to me.
I'd like $200 for this and I'm open for payment plans!

This beautiful MIP deck box! No idea about what it's worth, but I'd like $20.

BW shiny kids! I never even took them out of their plastic, so nice and minty.
I'd like $100 for the set, but I'm not sure if that's still accurate price so let me know if it isn't. I may be willing to split the set if there's interest for all three.

The old pokedoll charms! I'd like $70 for the set.

Metal figures! Bronze Flareon, gold Growlithe and copper, gold and pink Arcanines.
I'd like $5 each at least.

Keshimon! Silver Vulpix, Clefairy, Wartortle, Bulbasaur and Hypno, gold Growlithe and Ivysaur.
I'd like $10 each.

And finally, the sales! I really want to get rid of these, so feel free to haggle if you buy a lot!

The prices for flats are as follows.
- $2 for legendaries and Eeveelutions
- $1 for everything else!
I'll be happy to give you all kinds of bulk discounts, I would love to get all of these off my hands. :D
And please give me a link to the picture when asking about these, otherwise managing everything will be terrible x3

All metal figures below are $3 each or 4 for $10. Other kinds of bulk discounts are also possible :3
And about the colors: I listed "dull gold" as it's own color even though I'm not sure if it is, they could be just worn gold ones. And some of the bright colors (pink, blue etc.) are somewhat worn since those colors tend to wear easily, ask if you're worried.

Charmeleon: 3x gold, 1x dull gold, 2x bronze, 3x copper, 1x silver, 2x gunmetal

Magnemite: 2x gold, 1x dark yellow, 3x copper, 3x gunmetal
Pikachu: 1x dull gold (hands up), 1x gold, 1x blue
Electrode: 2x 1x gold, 2x bronze, 1x copper, 1x gunmetal

Mewtwo: 3x gold, 1x bronze, 2x copper, 4x 2x gunmetal
Haunter: 1x gold
Gengar: 2x 1x copper, 1x gunmetal, 1x blue

Staryu: 2x gold, 1x dark yellow, 2x copper, 4x gunmetal, 1x blue
Starmie: 1x gold, 1x bronze, 1x copper
Goldeen: 1x dull gold, 1x gunmetal, 1x green

Psyduck: 1x gold, 1x dark yellow, 2x copper 1x pink, 1x blue
Seel: 2x gold, 2x bronze, 1x blue
Dewgong: 1x blue
Cloyster: 1x copper

Squirtle: 1x copper, 1x blue
Wartortle: 1x blue
Poliwag: 1x dull gold, 1x dark yellow, 1x copper, 1x gunmetal, 1x blue
Poliwhirl: 1x gold, 1x dull gold, 1x copper, 1x gunmetal, 1x pink
Jynx: 1x blue

Caterpie: 1x copper
Metapod: 1x gunmetal
Weedle: 1x gold, 1x dull gold, 1x bronze, 2x gunmetal
Kakuna: 2x gold, 1x dull gold, 1x copper, 4x gunmetal, 1x green
Oddish: 1x dull gold, 1x bronze, 1x gunmetal
Parasect: 1x dull gold
Pinsir: 1x dull gold

Venonat: 1x gold, 1x bronze, 1x gunmetal, 1x blue, 1x green
Venomoth: 2x gold, 1x dark yellow, 1x bronze, 2x copper, 3x gunmetal

Ekans: 1x bronze
Arbok: 1x dull gold, 1x bronze, 1x copper, 1x gunmetal, 1x pink
Koffing: 1x gold, 1x bronze, 1x gunmetal, 1x pink, 2x blue
Grimer: 1x gold, 1x gunmetal, 1x blue

Golbat: 1x pink, 1x blue
Nidoran f: 1x gold
Nidorino: 1x copper
Nidoqueen: 1x gunmetal

Sandshrew: 1x gold, 1x dull gold, 1x copper, 1x blue
Kabuto: 2x 1x gold, 1x copper, 1x pink
Diglett: 1x dull gold

Geodude: 1x dull gold, 1x bronze, 1x silver, 1x pink
Graveler: 2x gold, 1x dark yellow, 2x gunmetal, 1x blue
Golem: 1x dull gold, 1x copper, 1x blue

Machop: 1x gold, 1x dull gold, 1x bronze, 1x pink
Machoke: 1x gold, 1x bronze, 1x copper, 2x gunmetal, 1x pink
Machamp: 1x gold, 1x blue

Marowak: 1x gold, 1x bronze, 1x copper, 1x gunmetal, 1x blue
Onix: 1x bronze
Mankey: 2x dull gold
Rhydon: 2x blue

Pidgeot: 1x gold, 1x copper, 1x bronze, 4x gunmetal, 1x green
Dragonair: 1x gunmetal
Lickitung: 2x gold
Raticate: 2x gold
Meowth: 1x dark yellow, 1x copper, 2x gunmetal

Ditto: 1x gold, 1x bronze
Chansey: 1x gold, 2x copper, 1x gunmetal, 1x green
Clefairy: 1x gunmetal
Jigglypuff: 1x dull gold, 2x gunmetal
Snorlax: 1x bronze, 1x pink
Porygon: 1x copper, 1x gunmetal, 1x pink
Phew, that was a lot :'D Now on to other sales.

Magnet book with magnets: $10
Puzzle: $4
Transparent coin purses Igglypuff, Cleffa, Heracross: $10 each
Car window sign: $4
Pikachu poster in frames: $4

Korean tops: Eevee and Growlithe $4 each, others $2 each
One Eevee and Kadabra sold

Notebooks: $3 each (Dialga sold)
DS styluses Mewtwo, Pikachu, Dragonite, Genesect: $7 each
ANA Pikachu pouch: $4
Small notebook and stampers: $3 each (Dialga and Palkia sold)
Better pictures of the styluses and stampers

151 and chibi stampers $3 each
Sold: Flareon, Abra, Pikachu
On hold: Gyarados

Full Color Stadium figures: top row $5 each, others $2 each
Sold: $2 Pikachus, Parasect, Mr. Mime

NEO "binder" with one page and 9 promos: $15 each, I have a few

Starter/Pikachu/fairy figures above $3 each, feel free to haggle on the small ones
Sold: Charmeleon keychain, Chikorita keychain, Pikachu in-case figure

Figures $5 each
Sold: Tomy Raichu, both Latios, Charizard
On hold: Growlithe

Roller stamps: Marill $6, others $4, first one to buy three can have the case for free
Sold: Pikachu, 1x Lapras

In-case figures $3 each
Sold: Alakazam, Charmeleon, Parasect, Mr. Mime

Keychains $5 each

Random figures $3 each
(Mew is dirty)
Sold: small Gengar, Cubone
On hold. Articuno

Small figures $1 each or take one for free with a purchase of at least $5
(tip of Raichu's tail and one eye of the green Poliwhirl are missing)
Sold: Cloyster, Tangela, Machop, Mr. Mime
Tags: entei, kids, lucario, metal figures, offers, oshawott, raikou, regice, regirock, registeel, sales, snivy, suicune, tepig, vaporeon
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