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A Latté, Lugia, Weavile, Fennekin and more gets! [ A 5 month gets post]

Again it's been a few months (or 5/6 months...!) since I've updated so I was able to grab some time to show my gets within the last 5 months of collecting...I'll hopefully be able to make a proper collection update sometime soon. After moving house and with what work this house needed doing...it's been fun, we're almost there hopefully!

During these 5 months I was able to obtain another of one of my biggest wants top 5 wants...and I can't believe it...! (Lots of pics!)


Welp we'll start with the Latté's, during these past few months I was able to get some pretty awesome things :3

I'm sorry about long winded talks, just feel free to ignore them if you wish~ <3

Latias/Latios - [Main Collection]


Pictured: Latias & Latios blanket, Lati clearfile, Pokémon Heroes movie sticker sheet, Latias and Latios Banpresto "frowny plush", Movie Latias/Latios backpack, Lati movie fan, Lati passport, Latias cardass, Lati movie pins (featuring Pichu bros, Pikachu and Wynaut), Lati AR stickers and Lati amada stickers.

> Squee I just love how the Lati's have such random merch at times. I'm so happy to finally grab a Latias Banpresto to match my Latios one...but this means I have two Latios Banpresto plush now and although originally I was thinking of selling the other...I'm not sure if I can because I get too silly thinking I'm taking a brother/sister away from them u.u;  The sticker sheet is really sparkly and I probably paid a bit too much for what was asking but thanks to a friend I was able to grab it as the seller only shipped in the U.S and they were a middleman for me <3

Said friend also let me buy a few things on Y!Japan which was very kind of them, the last thing I got was the clearfile. I had never seen it before and I was starting to see penny's dropping so I just bid the starting bid and somehow won, if you hold it up to the sunlight you can see right through it and gives off a "sun" (or soul dew~) shape shining.


Pictured: Latias & Latios movie promo handkerchief/bandana.

> Speaking of random merchandise this is one of the main things I was so happy winning, I absolutely adore it and words can't express how awesome this is...bah that artwork <333

Pictured: Latias & Latios keychains (clear Latias)

> These past few months keychains seem to be a theme for Lati gets >w{C}{C}{C}

Pictured: Latias & Latios Clear Movie TOMYS, Clear Latias regular kid, Latios stamp, Latias minicot and Latias & Latios Pokémon Time straps.

> I can't believe I was able to win a set of clear Latias & Latios TOMY figures, they were apparently "mint in box" buuuut that didn't seem to be the case when I got them, either way I have their boxes so I can put them back in depending if I have to change the display around my shelves! ;; Definitely a must have for any Lati/TOMY collector, they're absolutely beautiful figures and they were on a want list for so long ^^!

I'm was also able to reunite the Latias minicot with Latios and also the clear Latias kid with my clear Latios! I love when I match a pair (and clear figures aaaaa!) <3 Of course, this means a stamp of Latias would be awesome too~ Adorable Pokétime straps too, if I had a lot of money I'd buy a bunch of them! x3

Pictured: Pokétime Lati clearfiles, planner, 3DS game carrier case, tin, sticker and Latios full art and patterned bookmark.

>Speaking of Pokétime, I was able to get everything but I'm happy with the haul I've got! I was SO happy when it was announced the Lati's were finally getting some new merchandise... (I'm still hoping for Pokétime plush, we can dream x3!) I'm currently looking to buy a patterned Latias bookmark or if anyone could send me a picture of one, that would be awesome! x3

Lugia - [Main Collection]

> Okay time for a super major want/grailish get...and there's a little story about him ;w;!

Pictured: Banpresto 2000 Lotto "Floppy" Lugia,  Banpresto HG/SS UFO Lugia Plush, Lugia Movie Coin, Lugia & Ho-oh Envelope, Lugia phone strap and Clear Lugia strap, Lugia footprint figure, Lugia "newer" regular kid.

> I've always wanted the lotto "floppy" lugia plush ever since I obtained my super grail in 2008 for the Lugia's which was the giant poké center plush. But after I bought the giant I had to go on a huge hitaus because of it but he was worth it. So much time past and I saw floppy being sold a few times (for cheapish prices) and come 2012 I had my own money to start collecting again...but he was no where to be found! >w<! I also went to a meet from another community I go to and I saw a floppy Lugia with my own eyes....this made me determined to find another one even more and I kept on pursing, last year about... maybe 4 months or so ago? lulupin had kindly linked me to an auction for this very Lugia plush.....I'm eternally grateful and I want to find a Poliwhirl Pokedoll for you one day! ;__;! <3 Though I had no Y!Japan account or no access to it another kind friend had helped me out and middlemanned for me... to my surprise I won him pretty cheap....and here he is...! ;w;! He is one of my favourite Lugia plush I own and has floppy wings and flops....flop. u.u;


Oh dear I'm typing too much again >w>; The envelope is beautiful, I adore johto-themed artwork! <3 Close ups of the figures! Slow but surely Lugia grows...I might need to start focusing on obtaining more merch for him as he's a little slow <3

Weavile - [Main Collection]

Pictured: Pokédoll cloth featuring Weavile, Weavile I <3 Gothic plush, Sneasel & Weavile Poké center charms, Weavile pen whistle, Weavile chibi keychain, Weavile disk in a ball figure, Weavile amadas!

Much love for the fluffyfeatherbutt 'mon and I'm always looking out for more merchandise of him. I was able to grab a huge want being the chibified keychain, he's so squishy and adorable and I bought him for a pretty cheap price! owo! Eeeeeeee new Weavile plush I was so happy to grab one! I can't wait for the MPC that'll be out eventually. I am still always on the look out for the DX Weavile plush, he's my most wanted item right now x3!

Pictured: Weavile settei.

> I got a bunch of settei, and my first ever settei was this little guy! Aaaaa I love this concept art....so much... ;w; I need some picture frames or something to display these in n.n

Ninetales - [Main Collection]

Pictured: Ninetales clear pink mini model, Ninetales amada and Ninetales AR sticker.

> Welp, this is how Ninetales can be...very slow to get! Though I'm happy to get a mini model! Always on the lookout for them and squee that amada sticker is beautiful >w<!

Leafeon & Jolteon - [Side Collection]

Pictured: Leafeon & Jolteon Koroto Manmaru plush, Leafeon & Jolteon MPC plush, Jolteon friends plush, Attack kids, Clear Leafeon kid, Jolteon movie keychain, Jolteon & Leafeon friends figure, Leafeon chupa (morning sun & newer) Jolteon chupa, Leafeon playset figure, Jolteon/Leafeon movie zukan, Leafeon palace figure, Leafeon retsuden stamp and Leafeon Kyun chara figure.

> These past few months I seemingly focused on a few older figures. I did buy a Leafeon amada sticker that I forgot to put into this screenshot...;; Either way I got a few nice gets that I've always wanted for Leafy and Jolty, although I can't buy them at the expense all the time it's nice to get a few things ^^ I love the friends plush and eee for a clear kid figure! <3 The palace figure was a big want for Leafy and I'm really content with how it's growing. I had to find some of these figures again as the pre-order I had ordered never got back to me =,D! So the only thing I'm missing from my months-ago pre order is the movie Leafeon keychain, which I'm looking out for when I get my paycheck very soon! ^^

Skarmory/ Haunter / Zangoose/ Absol / Lopunny / Salamence / Mismagius - [Side Collections]

Pictured: Skarmory DX Tomy, Mismagius Retsuden stamp, Haunter TFG, Haunter TOMY, Absol buildable figure, Clear Zangoose kid, Clear Lopunny kid, Clear Salamence kid, Shiny Salamence kid.

> Oddly enough as I was taking pictures, the clear Salamence kid figure arrived today! Lately I've been on a clear-run-out sorta thing obtaining clears of things left right and center the past 2 months or so (and 3 more clears on the way soon, though one isn't Poké related :3!) Some people might already know I adore clear figures and just to get these aaaaaa >w

The main thing here though...has to be the DX Skarmory TOMY. My oh my she's gorgeous! I adore DX figures to begin with but to find one you collect and a slow collection at that...SUPER happy! However I remember missing her package and it was a loooong walk to the post office as packages backthen went to a different house! >w<!



Pictured: Salamence and Skarmory x3 settei.

Moar settei that was with the Weavile, eeep got quite a few for Skarmory which was great, if you're interested just click the pictures for a bigger image ^^

~~New Collection~~

Fennekin Line - [Side Collection]

Pictured: Fennekin 1/1 Plush, Pokédoll, Banpresto UFO, TOMY plush, Christmas Pokémon center, UFO DX Banpresto, Talky Fennekin, MPC Fennekin, Pokémon center Fennekin, Fennekin Keychain and Fennekin hat :3

> Annnd here is pretty much where all my money has gone lately, like many people I'm collecting Fennekins~! The hat somehow fits my head which suprised me... meep it's so cute! I think my favourites though have to be the 1/1 or christmas fennekin right now. Can't wait to buy the new plush once my paycheck rolls in x3!

Pictured: Fennekin Palm Talk figure, Phone charm, Bathsalt, Chupa, Kid, Motion Galery, Sleepy Fennekin, Starter Zukan, Bronze and Copper metal figures, Mirae playset figure.

> I haven't been able to put the figures altogether yet....but now I look at them squee there's quite a bit already x3! I have a gold fennekin metal figure on the way and still on the hunt for a silver one~! Sleepy Fennekin is too adorable....help all these foxes are stealing all my money ;w;!

Pictured: Fennekin Christmas rubber keychain, Promo fennekin charm, Drawstring pouch, Pokémon with you badge, Fennekin clearfile, Fennekin pen, Christmas charms, fennekin charm and fennekin pokémon center strap.

> Moar foxes! I couldn't get much from the Fennekin promotion but happy that I got one or two things, might be on the look out for the mirror or bag when I get some extra moneyz~! Fennekin merch keeps appearing...if only paychecks could do that =,D

Pictured: Fennekin tins, Fennekin attack TOMY figure, Fenneking and Braixen TOMY figures, plastic keychain and bento box.

> First Briaxen merch! Eee I hope there's more to come too since I prefer Fennekin/Braixen over Delphox...but I still love that fox too ^^ Unfortunately the middle tin's head cut clean off during transit so for now blu tak has been placed there until I find some super glue! ;w;! I need to open these up when I can get a shelf for my foxies ^^

Might as well list my top 5 wants, if anyone has any please let me know and I'll pay a good amount of money for them~ <3


1) DX Weavile Pokédoll *****
2) DX Latios & Latias TOMYs*****
3) Latias & Latios UFO Chibi keychains *****
4) Latias arms-out banpresto plush ****
5) DX Lugia TOMY figure***

Just wanted to end the post with Floppy Lugia's new accessory... bell tied around a little nintendo strap...the bell jingles and I can't handle the cuteness ;__;

Thanks for reading everyone, moving house has been an adventure that's for sure >w<!

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