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Lots of New Things For Sale

Some of the things I have for sale include:
The sleepy Kalos figures set, 2013 Pokedolls, 2013 MPCs, Canvas plush, 2013 Pancham Kid figure set, and the new motion gallery figure set.
Here is a preview:


*Rules and Sales info*

~When sending a payment, please write your username and what you are buying in the paypal note!

~I automatically hold things for up to 24 hours after I've replied to your comment, unless you ask for more time. If another person has asked for the same item, and you don't respond within those 24 hours, I will let them have it.
~If you ask for me to hold something for you for more than 48 hours, then you HAVE TO BUY IT. If you do not, I will leave you negative feedback.
~You can always ask for a quote. There are no consequences if you ask for a quote and then decide not to buy.
~If you decide you don't want an item after I've given you a quote, PLEASE TELL ME so that I can let the next person in line have it.
~If you back out of a sale that you are COMMITTED to, then I will leave you negative feedback.

~I ship from the United States, in the Central Time Zone (UTC-5).
~All things here are in USD, and the prices do not include shipping or paypal fees.
~The starting shipping price for domestic shipping is $2.32. For international, the starting shipping price is $6.55.
~I'm NOT responsible for lost, damaged, and/or stolen packages in the mail. Please purchase insurance/tracking if you are afraid of these things.

~I was granted sales permission on 22 April 2012 by entirelycliched
~My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/poke_zula/

~MIP = mint condition in package/plastic
~MWT = mint condition with tags
~OBO = "or best offer"; you may offer a lower price for this item if the price seems too high

If you are unable to leave a comment here for any reason, please PM me. :) ...I know that LJ glitches up sometimes.



I tried to make this sales post "control + f" friendly, but please keep in mind, there might be typos!
Also, feel free to ask for more pictures of things.



Heat Rotom charm -- $5
Winter Deerling charm -- $3 SOLD
Spring Sawsbuck charm -- $4 OBO SOLD
Hitmonchan charm -- $3

Chespin Christmas Charm -- $7.50
Fennekin Christams Charm -- $8.50
Froakie Christmas Charm -- $7


Talking Fennekin plush -- $50

MWT Bulbasaur 2013 Pokedoll -- $25
MWT Squirtle 2013 Pokedoll -- $25
MWT Charmander 2013 Pokedoll -- $25

MWT 2013 Pikachu MPC plush -- $7 OBO
MWT Fennekin MPC plush -- $14 SOLD
MWT Chespin MPC plush -- $13
MWT Froakie MPC plush -- $12 SOLD

MWT Bulbasaur MPC plush -- $12 SOLD
MWT Squirtle MPC plush -- $12
MWT Charmander MPC plush -- $13

MWT large fuzzy Pikachu plush -- $35 (hang tag is creased) SOLD
MWT large fuzzy Pichu plush -- $30

MWT White Kyurem DX Pokedoll -- $49 SOLD
MWT Munna UFO plush -- $5

2004 Japanese Umbreon Pokedoll -- $35 OBO
Japanese Glameow Pokedoll -- $20
Pokemon Center Darumaka plush MWT -- $25 $20

2001 Banpresto Mewtwo plush -- $25
MWT DX Eevee plush (velboa) -- $25 OBO SOLD

MWT Scraggy Jakks plush -- $8
Mint condition Riolu Jakks plush -- $8
MWT Drilbur Jakks plush -- $8
MWT Pignite Jakks plush -- $9

Weavile I love Gothic plush -- $20
MWT West Shellos I love Marine plush -- $10

Starly Canvas plush -- $20 OBO
Happiny Canvas plush -- $20
Cherrim Canvas plush -- $35 $30
2009 Cyndaquil Canvas plush -- $35 OBO

Talking Snivy keychain plush, unopened in box -- $15 (no batteries)
Mint condition talking Minccino plush -- $55 OBO. The original box can be included if you want it (no batteries)

MWT Espeon I love Eevee 6" UFO plush -- $18
MWT Jolteon I love Eevee 6" UFO plush -- $18

Altaria UFO (has head string) -- $35
MWT Glaceon UFO plush (has head string) -- $30 OBO
Politoed UFO plush (has head string) -- $30 (the curl on its head is separated into two pieces)

Zapdos UFO plush (has head string) -- $20 SOLD
Salamence UFO plush (has head string) -- $25
Tranquill UFO plush MWT (has head string) -- $20 $15

Japanese McDonald's Larvitar plush -- $50 $45 (it vibrates) SOLD
DX Fuzzy Squirtle plush (has head string) -- $25

Mantyke UFO plush (has head string) -- $3
MWT Pichu UFO plush -- $12 SOLD

Weavile TOMY laying beanie plush -- $25 OBO
Slakoth Beanie plush -- $40 OBO

Please note that some of the following MPC plush might have hang tag creases:

MWT Scraggy MPC plush -- $7.50
MWT Pansage MPC plush -- $7.50
MWT spring Deerling MPC plush -- $7.50
MWT summer Deerling MPC plush -- $7.50

MWT Darumaka MPC plush -- $5
MWT Tympole MPC plush -- $7 OBO
MWT Woobat MPC plush -- $7.50
MWT Karrablast MPC plush -- $6

MWT Pidove MPC plush -- $6
MWT female Jellicent MPC plush -- $8 SOLD
MWT Dewott MPC plush -- $8
MWT Zweilous MPC plush -- $10

MWT Tynamo MPC plush -- $15 SOLD
MWT Red stripe Basculin MPC plush -- $7


Hydreigon figure -- $3 OBO SOLD
Sentret grabby pencil gripper figure -- $2 OBO SOLD
Small Lucario figure -- $1
Small Shaymin figure -- $1 SOLD

Eevee Ippai figure -- $7 (comes in original plastic wrap with new pamphlet)

^Picture borrowed from Kyogres because it was hard to take a good picture without too much of a glare from the plastic wrap Eevee is in. Please let me know if you want me to take this picture down, Kyogres.

MIP Ichiban Kuji Eevee Pokedoll figure -- $18

Unopened shiny Genesect Zukan -- $9

Flareon Pitapoke -- $15 OBO

MIP Jolteon Pitapoke -- $18

MIP Leafeon Pitapoke -- $18

Clear Zoroark TOMY figure -- $4 SOLD
Smoochum TOMY figure -- $12
Treecko TOMY figure -- $3
Old Eevee TOMY figure -- $4

Surfing Pikachu TOMY figure -- $3 SOLD
Turtwig TOMY figure -- $2 SOLD
Deoxys TOMY figure -- $1
Groudon TOMY figure -- $2
Geodude TOMY figure -- $1

Regirock TOMY figure -- $3
Kricketot TOMY figure -- $3 OBO SOLD
Arbok TOMY figure -- $3
Druddigon special TOMY figure -- $5 SOLD
Spiritomb TOMY figure -- $4 OBO SOLD

Rhyperiror Zukan piece -- $10 OBO
Jessie keychain figure -- $3 SOLD

Clear 2003 Pikachu TOMY figure -- $15 OBO
Clear Mewtwo lottery Kid figure -- $10 OBO
Clear Sandshrew Kid figure -- $3 SOLD

(all of these figures come with their paper slips)
Sleeping Bunnelby figure -- $6
Sleeping Froakie figure -- $5 SOLD
Sleeping Dedenne figure -- $7 SOLD
Sleeping Fennekin figure -- $7 SOLD
Sleeping Chespin figure -- $6
Sleeping Pikachu figure -- $4

Eevee Kid figure -- $4 OBO
Vulpix Kid figure -- $5 SOLD
Ninetales Kid figure -- $6 SOLD

All of these figures come with their original flattened boxes and their cards. These figures are all unopened in their plastic wrap.
MIP Mega Mewtwo Y motion gallery figure -- $5 each
MIP Pikachu motion gallery figure -- $3 SOLD
MIP Froakie motion gallery figure -- $4
MIP Chespin motion gallery figure -- $3 each

DSC02355 DSC02358
Pancham MIP Kid figure -- $4 BOTH SOLD
Litleo MIP Kid figure -- $4
Noivern MIP Kid figure -- $5.50 SOLD
Flabebe MIP Kid figure -- $4
Snorlax MIP Kid figure -- $4 each
Blaziken MIP Kid figure -- $3 each
Bulbasaur MIP Kid figure -- $4 SOLD
Squirtle MIP Kid figure -- $4
Rhyhorn MIP Kid figure -- $2 each
Pikachu MIP Kid figure -- $2 SOLD

Gen I Eeveelution Zukan with Pamphlet -- $175

Reshiram clipping figure -- $5
The figure is still in the plastic wrap; the box has been opened, but it will be included.


Shiny Ivysaur sticker -- $0.50 SOLD
Clefairy pan sticker -- $0.50


These are mint in package sheets you can take notes about people with. You can write their name, phone number, address, blood type, and other things. I don't know how many different Pokemon designs there are, as this is UNOPENED.
I'm asking $3

MIP 10 CM PIkachu ruler -- $1 (it has a clear Pikachu at the top)

ATTENTION to all United States buyers,
The shipping rate has gone up. It now starts at $2.32.

Tags: altaria, arbok, basculin, blaziken, bulbasaur, bunnelby, celebi, charmander, cherrim, chespin, clefairy, cyndaquil, darumaka, dedenne, deerling, deoxys, dewott, drilbur, druddigon, eevee, eeveelution, espeon, fennekin, flabebe, flareon, froakie, geodude, glaceon, glameow, gogoat, groudon, happiny, helioptile, hitmonchan, hydreigon, jellicent, jolteon, karrablast, kricketot, kyurem, larvitar, leafeon, litleo, lucario, mantyke, mewtwo, minccino, munna, ninetales, noivern, pancham, pansage, pichu, pidove, pignite, pikachu, piplup, politoed, regirock, reshiram, rhyhorn, rhyperior, rotom, salamence, sales, scraggy, sentret, shellos, slakoth, smoochum, snorlax, spiritomb, squirtle, starly, sylveon, tomy, torchic, tranquill, treecko, tympole, tynamo, umbreon, vaporeon, vulpix, weavile, woobat, xerneas, yveltal, zapdos, zoroark, zukan, zweilous
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