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*needs* help a newbie please :) + feedback question

Hi for those that dont know me my name is Steph I go by as stephysanrio or stephysan online XD
I am collecting tomy figures from first generation at this time. If you have any of the figures I need/want please send me a message or comment me so I can buy them off of you! I would really appreciate it! :D Its really hard to find what I need right away on the forum (I am new dont rlly know hwo to search)

I live in FL :) any questions feel free to ask!
MY collection is on another post I made but i havent updated it because i am still waiting for packages XD

Also how can I get feedback? I am assuming by buying and i read something that I need to apply for it as well im a bit confuse... T__T sorry

Updated always:
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