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Box of Awesomeness arrived! :3 - & a Gift from a friend!

This giant box o' awesomeness was sent to be by kassia9 over two weeks ago, and I was SO worried it wouldn't even ever arrive.
The reason for this is because of the mysterious case of "packages processed through Richmond CA". Just check out this Yelp!
Needless to say it was very worrisome that the tracking had just STOPPED from the 6th of February until yesterday. :o
I had all but given up completely when I found this heavy bundle of joy in my mailbox. ;___; NO MORE TEARS, ONLY DREAMS NOW.
Here's a little taste, with an image heavy cut ahead! :D


Also, a little hint of a gift from a friend. <3


The pictures of these lots (see pics here: ) were so intriguing and mysterious (and amazingly priced!!) that I HAD to get them - and thank goodness I did! :')

Honestly, I have no idea where to start, buuuut here goes! :'D

First off we have these elusive (Tomy??) keychains. If anyone knows anything about these, I'd love to know. >_< They say nintendo and CGTSJ, but are they bootleg, or legit. I ask because I'm having trouble finding anything about them. >_< Interestingly they're all Johto keychains!

Here is the back of the cardboard and the stamp on the Entei one.


Here shows all the ones in the lot! ^_^

Politoed shoutout to agui_chan <3, Tediura (SO cute actually!), Entei, Cleffa, Pichu, Smoochum - a gift for kittay752, seeing as Kittay has been SO generous as to send me something I'll show off below. :3, Furret and Celebi.

All stampers, except for one "outcast" I found really interesting (I'll show him after).

A little hard to see, so I'll name them here:
Ponyta, Clefable, Metapod, Sandslash, Nidoqueen, Butterfree, Tentacool, Diglett, Caterpie, Wartortle, Nidorino, Nidorina,and lastly Venonat!
There was also a Raticate not in a dome, but I forgot to photograph him. >_<

Here's the little outcast. HYPNO! :') So squished, and weird, and adorable. He came in a lower/shorter dome, with a loop and jumpring in his head.
Anybody know the origin of this little guy? I find him so mysterious! o_o He has legit stamps both on his body, and the bottom of the dome.


Next up!
SWING CHARMS! :D My first ones actually.
Here we have: Weedle,Golem, Psyduck, Poliwag, Bulbasaur, Rattata, Mankey, Arbok, and Charmander!

Now on to figures!
I felt so lucky that this came with the full color stadium Lapras I really wanted.
There were also an array of pencil toppers and mini models and Bandai goodness. :D
There were also a few questionable in authenticity but ADORABLE chibified figures (Nidoking, Lickitung, Mew)


Anybody know whether they're legit or not? :o
They all have two holes on the bottom like they used to stick on a weird type of base. o_o
Honestly, I don't care if they're booties, or not. (EDIT: They're not. They're chibi stamper figures - thanks Kittay! :D) I mean LOOK at them. Too adorable. :')
( - and I don't even collect either! :'D)

Onto the Kinkeshis! :3

Here are the warm colored ones.
The awesome thing was they were a lot of doubles, and a lot came in FULL evolution lines! o_o
Oh! There was also a CLEFAIRY DOLL. How cute is that? I squealed a bit upon seeing it.
Here we have Charizard line, Abra line (YAY! <3), Artiuno, other birdmons, Jiggly line, Dittos, and even Haunter and Gastly to my happy surprise. :')


I was so glad they were the same color too.


A couple of yellow transformers! ;D


Now some blue buddies!
One of the COOLEST things I got was the HELIX FOSSIL! It's literally a giant Omanyte in a Helix Fossil! Too dang cool. You can also
pop him out of the little fossil. (Pics below)
I was also given ANOTHER Clefairy doll. TOO CUTE. I kind of want them in all available colors now. :'D
Otherwise we have: Bellsprouts, Articuno, Snorlax (YAY!), Scyther, Magikarp (YAY!), Poliwhirl and Wrath, Primeapes ane MORE!
Here's the Helix Fossil and its workings.
So cool!

A few misfits. <3

Now onto this things, thick plastic-y pog-like things apparently called "KRAKS"? Very neat. They're all gen 3 I believe, and include some epic Team Aqua and Team Magma human characters as well! Some are glittery, others are pearlized.
Again, if anyone has more info on these, I'd love to know! As far as my research goes, these seem to be like Beyblades, or something? :P


IMG_3583IMG_3582-edit     IMG_3584-edit

Now we move onto the little box of stampers! :D
It originally came with two ink thingys and a few more stampers, but I received a Skitty magnet instead! ;D
Pretty cool though, with some B&W dragons, and such, oh, and a RANDOM Stunfisk. <3


Onto one of my favorite things - STICKERS! :')
I have never seen the holo ones after Aipom (Bulba line, Mankey line, Machop line) anybody know those? I also don't know the others, are they older Amadas or something? o_o
In any case, they're faaaaabulous.
Just look at DUGTRIO! :'D

And lastly a few older and newer Amadas. <3

Onto the last bit of loveliness.
A gift from kittay752 . I joke-whined over her winnings of a mime sticker I was drooling over, and guess what? Kittay sent it to me! I mean HOW SWEET IS THAT?! :')
Not only that but Kittay sent me my VERY FIRST pan sticker, a mime ofc. <3
NOT ONLY THAT, I received an AMAZING drawing (my second from Kittay), featuring both our favorite Pokemon. TOO cute, a Pikachu sticker card, AND a Pokemon inspired valentine's. :')
Thank you SO much, Kittay. It made my day, quite honestly!

Contents of the envelope. <3

Omg, look at mimey's face. I DIED. :'D


The coveted holo mime Amada, and mime jr pan sticker. <3 :')


So yea! I hope you guys enjoyed yesterday's insane gets, and gifts from friends, again kittay752 I will be sending you the little Smoochum keychain as a thank you for your amazing day-brightening gift! ^_^

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