teh keph (kephisos) wrote in pkmncollectors,
teh keph

small wants post!

Hi again everyone! Today I'm after 2 small wants:

Noivern and Litleo kids!

They'd be shipped to the UK and I'm hoping for about $15 shipped for both :) Please help me out since I was undecided for too long and now I can't find them (as a set) anywhere ;_____;

Lots of stuff in my sales post still! Reduced my prices too <3
Tags: arceus, audino, buizel, celebi, cobalion, eevee, flareon, groudon, jolteon, litleo, magikarp, maractus, mienfoo, mienshao, mismagius, mudkip, noivern, oshawott, palkia, raikou, reshiram, sales, shaymin, skymin, snivy, tepig, victini, wanted, whismur, zekrom
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