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Zukan Update!! 3rd Package Received

Hi guys, i received another one of the zukan packages i was waiting for, and i wanted to share it with you. This one is some special. Maybe you can guess which set i'm talking about :D

Finally I could complete my Legendary Bird Trio xD!!

SAM_3639 - copia

This time i've received the GSC4 Set, it brings really cool ones. This is how i displayed them :D


Kangaskhan and Nidoqueen are really nice pieces. I got a blue smeargle, with the green i won i'll only need the red tailed to complete them


Articuno is the most beautiful of them :3


From this group Ursaring and Noctowl are the coolest ones, i've got another Noctowl to make it shiny


Spinarak/Lediba set is really cool, even if they're not in the tree (Spinarak spider web broke off, but i think it's good that it isn't always stuck to it)


Oh!! I Forgot including Dewgong in the picture... i leave this picture of him alone... they're look really cool in their Icy diorama


I'm still waiting for last package... it includes the zukan i've got here in the comm... They're the coolest ones of all the zukan i've got recently. I'll post again once i receive them

Tags: articuno, gets, kangaskhan, nidoqueen, noctowl, smeargle, ursaring, zukan
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