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Notorious B.I.T.C.H.

Auction time again! Rare items including metal figures

Here I have another handful of items up for auctions which will be available for bidding for 2 days!
The auctions will end on Weds March 12th at 11pm Japan time (that's 10am EST in the USA).
Final bid does not include shipping and fees- they will be calculated once the auctions end.
Bidding extensions as per community rules. Granted sales permission on 03/17/11 by dakajojo

Let's start off with a super rare promo banner featuring Sylveon!

1. Best wishes promo banner
The item was given to me by a 7-11 employee after the lotto ended last summer. It could not be purchased- it was a promotional banner that hung along side the rack of the lotto items. It's made of thin fabric, kind of like a curtain. You can see the design from the back as well, so it's perfect for a window or doorway display.
STARTS @ $20

2. Cyndaquil Pokemon time notebook
Brand new, MIP.
Starts @ $12

3. Plusle & Minun hairties. Brand new, from the Pokemon Center. Starts @ $8
4. Gold Magikarp seal. Brand new, from the PC. Starts @ $6
5. Mew bubble case figure. Starts @ $6
6. Sentret color charm. Starts @ $6
7. Sylveon pressed coin. Starts @ $5

8. Silver Marril metal figure. Starts @ $5
9. Silver Pichu metal figure. Starts @ $5
10. Silver Prinplup metal figure. Starts @ $5
11. Gold Lugia metal figure. Starts @ $5
12. Gold Wailord metal figure. Starts @ 10

13. Cyndaquil metal figure. Starts @ $10
14. Magikarp metal figure. Starts @ $5
15. Piplup metal figure. Starts @ $5
16. Garchomp metal figure. Starts @ $5
17. Turtwig metal figure. Starts @ $5
18. Shaymin metal figure. Starts @ $5

Happy bidding!
Tags: auction, charizard, cyndaquil, eevee, garchomp, genesect, lugia, magikarp, marill, metal figures, mew, mewtwo, minun, pichu, piplup, plusle, prinplup, sentret, shaymin, sylveon, turtwig, wailord
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