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New Zukan Gets!!

Hi guys, i wanted to show you the new zukan i got. This time i got most of them, here in my country, thanks to white_chocobo. I got the others from ebay and another local seller. Some of them i've showed you before, but i coudn't introduce them properly, so i've included them too.

I got Sylveon piece, so i can say now that i've finally completed all eeveelution :D


More pictures under the cut

Here are Zapdos and Nidoking, you've seen them before, they're really cool. Walrein, Scizor and Quagsire are amazing pieces too. I got zapdos and walrein from ebay


I got slaking line too and Deoxys defense


Nidoking complete is great. And Blaziken from SP looks even better than the one from Torchic's line


Ditto is really funny xD!!


Fire Team xD!! Includes Camerupt, Magcargo and Rapidash :)


I got aron piece that i was looking for xD!! Marill line, Tropius (from ebay) and wingull are very nice


Finally, Normal Deoxys (I need only attack form), Dunsparce, Chinchou line, Gastrodon East, Sylveon and Sudowoodo (Both from local sellers)


Finally, with that i could complete my aron line :) It looks great


I hope you've enjoyed them xD!! I'll bring you new updates soon
Tags: aron, blaziken, ditto, eevee, nidoking, rapidash, scizor, slaking, sylveon, tropius, walrein, zapdos, zukan
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