melomania (meloman1a) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a small collection update (zukans, zukans, zukans!)

hey all!

Ashleigh here, with just a quick collection update! I recently received a package of zukans from white_chocobo, so I decided to feature my small collection of zukans (except for the eeveelution set, cause I'm lazy).

Just a couple quick reminders, the Fantastic Ms. Fox GA ( will be ending tomorrow Tuesday, I forgot March had 31 days, as will my Fluffy Fairies ( Sylveon MPC and Togekiss pokedoll!) auction!
Tags: chandelure, dragonair, dragonite, dratini, lampent, lapras, litwick, ponyta, rapidash, scizor, scyther, sylveon, togekiss, zukan
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