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2014 Customs and Collection Update

Hello all!

I bring to you my 2014 update and commission slots! I will only be taking a total of 2-5 this year from LJ so better snatch 'em up!

1 Chibi Slot (6in.-12in) Starts at $50, BIN at $175
1 Large Plush Slot (1ft-3ft) Starts at $120, BIN at $320

Feedback: HERE / HERE

Collection update time:

I added a new play-play lugia as well as the pokedoll lugia plush!
Don't forget about my super rare Nidoqueen "Sample" plush ^_^


I have a fossil side collection starting as well as a little Goomy one.. Cuz he's just so darned cute. If you're selling any zukan fossils let me know!

I managed to obtain a lugia DS card holder which is pretty neat. My most exciting get, however is the huge TOMY vinyl Lugia figure. I've been after this guy for quite some time.. Now all I need is the Zukan and the Pokemon Center Plush and my collection will be super close to complete ^_^
My nidoqueen collection hasn't really grown that much... it;s hard to find new merch of her.

Now onto the commissions:

You can view my DA gallery here

I ship from Orlando, FL, USA. I generally ship on Friday afternoons.
I accept PayPal ONLY. I also accept payment plans.
I will not recreate any plush that I have already made, but I  WILL make them in a new pose/style.

Chibi Plush (Measures 4-10 inches, Pokedoll-height) BIN @$175
I use minky , fleece, and felt fabric. Comment below to ask questions!

BIN Slot # 1 @ --



Large Plush/Pillow Plush (Measures 1-3ft) BIN @ $320
I use minky fabric, as a general rule I can embroider details, use iron-on decals, or paint details on. I will make accessories (scarves, earrings, bags, outfits) for your plush as well. Comment below to ask questions!

BIN Slot # 1?


Thanks for lookin'!

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