neeko48 (neeko48) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auction Reminder + gets

I got a few things in the last couple weeks

First off is this cutie-patootie porygon custom from Baconscreation. It's so squishy and adorable!

And I got my Sunyshore box today with megavenusaurs and kleptomaniac espurr :D Super cute <3

By the way, if anyone doesn't want the megastone charms, let me know. :) I love how they look like marbles.

Also a reminder that my plush auctions end on Friday. A bunch still have no bids, like charizard, blaziken, leafeon, umbreon and giratina! And some are still at their starting bids, like torterra, shinx, zekrom and DX terry cloth mudkip! Click the picture to go!
Tags: auction, blaziken, bonsly, breloom, charizard, charmander, cherubi, darumaka, dewott, drifloon, eevee, eeveelution, flareon, fletchling, froakie, giratina, ho-oh, keldeo, leafeon, magby, mantyke, marill, meowstic, minccino, mudkip, oshawott, piplup, riolu, rotom, shaymin, shellos, shinx, sylveon, torchic, torterra, umbreon, vileplume, virizion, yanma, zekrom, zorua
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